Thursday, October 12, 2017

Pennsylvania Artist Kolene Spicher Winter Scene for Wilton, CT Show

Favorite Skating Spot 

On The Creek Next to The Boathouse 

2017 Christmas Card! 
I have been very actively painting now for the upcoming Wilton, CT show at the Wilton Historical Society November 3-5, 2017.  This is a quick view of my snow piece for this show.  See link below. 

I choose a beautiful wide piece of reclaimed wood from a barn in Lancaster County to repurpose into a very nice one-of-a-kind frame.  The elderly gentleman was Amish and took great pride in his workmanship, even signing the frame - smile. 

Loving the little snowman in the back left side.  I love the idea of skating with a campfire and carolers.  It would seem to me that this painting has all the holidays in mind.  

I have the little Christmas Tree on the sled,  and the snowfall is making me think  of the Thanksgiving holiday.  I love a white Thanksgiving. 

And not to be overlooked, the little guy on the sled carrying a holiday pumpkin.  

I have never done this previously, but I decided to identify myself in this painting.  I am the girl in the purple dress up and center! 

I double signed this piece, do you see it!  It was so my Christmas Card had a signature.  I later removed this second signature. 
Finally, here's the piece in its entirety.  I really love the richness of this colors of this.  At this time, this will be my  only snow scene available.  I seem to be having some obstacles getting ready for this show.  All pieces are one of a kind and not mass made in any fashion! MADE IN USA!!! 

Love these striped socks...uhh. 

Check out my upcoming show! Wilton Show Wilton Show

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