Thursday, November 21, 2013

Nantucket Stroll, A Mermaid winter scape


If you have never been to Nantucket the first weekend in December, you should go before the island loses all its quaint charm.  This is one place that has remained untouched.  There is no McDonalds or Walmarts or Starbucks (but there should be a Starbucks).  This painting was done for Nantucket Country.  Every Christmas season, the local stores set up trees outside their walkways and carolers stroll the streets sharing the sidewalks with all the wonderful customers that come to Nantucket for this festive event.  My painting is supposed to be fun.  Everything from "raining berries," to the "clean snow" for the snow cones makes it fun.  Don't eat the tree was also funny to me.  Ha!
Merry Christmas!