Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Chef Illustrations by Pennsylvania Artist Kolene Spicher

From Poissonnier, Pastry and Dessert, and

Line Cook,  to the Saucier!

Types of Chefs 

I love to cook and I love a good chef.  Who doesn't.  One of my favorite past times ( I am reluctant to say is eating out).  I consider food a presentation an art when it's done correctly.  I love this little guy with his red checkered apron.  He just might be the Chef de Cuisine!  I love all cooking shows from Giada to Rachel Ray to Martha Stewart to Guy F.  I love them all.  What fun.  (IF I didn't mention your favorite show, it's because I am having a brain fade incident, but I watch them all!)

What's your fav pizza? 

I don't know what a pizza chef is called.  Before today, I would probably have said that he was in the Line Cook Category, but you know I am not so sure.  It takes some skill to throw a pizza.   I looked it up on Google and they call him a Pizzalolos or pizzaioli.  So there you have it!  Pizza, pizza! 

I think people are really interested in cupcakes.  Kids especially love to make them and so do adults, really.  I enjoy a good cupcake and so I thought, I must do a cupcake chef.  The icing is my fav part.  Make it ganache, please.  And chocolate.  
The Patissier! 
Even though the background is dark, these project light.  They just do.  They look lovely in my light white kitchen.  (See Below). 

The Saucier! 
These guys have an important job in the kitchen.  Sauces really are at the heart of cooking and understanding how to put them together, let me tell you, isn't the easiest of things to do.  You have to have a critical understanding of how one food affects another.  You have to understand proportions and how they affect overall flavor.  And don't forget that harmless spice that you think just a little will do...well, if it taste like licorice, DON'T use it.  LOL.  One time, I added too much Tarragon or Anise or fennel (can't remember) and oh boy.  Soup went into trash.  No one would eat it.  See, I don't have that critical understanding... sigh.  

Fruit pies, desserts, custards--THE DESSERT CHEF. 
I THINK a pastry chef and a dessert chef are different things.  I specifically love pastries but know that I am not a natural at making pie dough.  I love puff pastry, and I love filo, yet, I can not make either.  These guys have some talent! 

Lastly, I have the fish fry!  The poissonnier!  Oh how I love fish.  Check her out!  She's not quite finished. I believe that I will do one more beside these five, a meat cook chef or a Rotisseur! 

The Poissonneir (not to be confused with the poisoner) LOL 

Thanks for looking and now I am hungry! 

Take care. 


Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Let's Celebrate - a snow scene by Pennsylvania Artist Kolene Spicher

Let's Celebrate 

Over the River and Thru the woods 

I know its winter outside, but would someone please tell the weatherman to act right.  It's like 70 and its February.  I went ahead and painted a winter scene (I started it a few weeks ago), but
it's just plain balmy out.  It doesn't feel right. 

This was an order.  
If you are interested in owning a snow scene from me, just message me!  It's that easy. 

Look at that man warming his hands, I hope he doesn't fall into the fire! 
The frame is so very cool.  It came from the Amish.  Here this 80 year old man named Rufus seems to enjoy cutting barns down and recycling the wood.  He even signs some of his frames.  This frame came with a back that had a name written in ballpoint ink, maybe it's the barn this wood came from. 

Is this Grandma? 
I am trying to keep things light, happy, and bright.  This is a winter scene that is about celebrating.  Maybe I feel like being happy because I had some surgery in December and it went well and is all behind me.  I started this right after coming home from the hospital.  What fun. not. but I am thankful.

I don't know if that is grandma, but that is ME down there holding the pumpkin. 
This painting is sort of Grandma Moses like.  There's that word again...grandma. As you can see, I am into polka dots at the moment.  

This gives you an idea of the scale.  Do you like that Cabinet?  That was my dear sweet mother's! 

Thanks for looking today. 


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