Saturday, February 2, 2019

Custom Ship Painting by Kolene Spicher

The Rebecca 

Today, I am presenting a ship portrait that I am calling, The Rebecca.  This was painted for a valentine's gift and it is a surprise from a guy who calls himself KEV.  That is on the ship, too! 

I painted this on canvas that I crackled using my secret technique, LOL.  

In this shot you can kind of see how the water comes together and the sails.  As time progresses, I paint more and more lines. 

I thought that this was the frame and at first I was going in a different direction with this.  Instead of it being my custom piece, I had decided to call it something different.  At the moment, I am a little infatuated with George Washington.  That flag is the Washington State flag, alas that was painted out! 

I added more and more lines and flags to the sails.  Boy this baby would fly in real life!  

Do you see his initials under the American Flag!?? 

More and more flags and lines.  My lines never make sense, either.  This boat may literally fly.  

The scalloped sea shell frame is really pretty.  It is the perfect size for this and is what I decided to use in the end.  

I decided that while this is pretty, it is too crunched from top to bottom. 

This one is too smashed from side to side. 

This one, uhhhhh, just right.  Don't you agree? 

Thanks for looking and happy Valentines Day!