Saturday, January 24, 2015

19th Century Reproduction Antique American Folk Art Child's Portrait


The Silver Spoon

She Was Barely One! 
She loves anything that moves and makes noise
hence the bird!  

This is a portrait of a little girl.  Actually, this is my niece and I will be giving this as a first birthday gift!  She is the most amazingly beautiful little gift and I couldn't wait to illustrate her likeness. 

She was Barely One! 
Everyone loves polka dots and this girl's personality can carry off Red like no other!  Full of fun and smiles, she is the best little baby! 

Why did I give her a silver spoon.  Well, this part is sort of tongue in cheek.  She's blessed.  She has so many people that adore her and she was so very wanted.  Everyone is happy to see her ALL THE TIME. But mostly the reason for the silver spoon is her incredible love for eating.  I have never seen a baby get so excited when she saw a jar of baby food.  She is in love with eating! 

This one's a gift from me! 
Thanks for looking!  Have a great day! 

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The little round one! 

Enjoy the snow! 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

19th Century Style Portrait

Summer in the Country

1840 Style 

A Young girl sits for her portrait

Another Gold Leafed Oval Frame 
I can only imagine life back then.  I love the idea of  being where no cameras or phones or TVs exist (although, not really).  The backdrop for this painting could have taken place in my back yard with the columns and the water and the landscaping peaking thru the window.  As a child, I was always fascinated with picking posies. We had a butterfly type bush in our backyard.  One of my favorite memories was picking this flower and making "perfume" with the fragrant petals.   Some things never change.  I still LOVE fragrant flowers. 

The two pictures below were my inspiration pieces.  I love to paint portraits, but in my style.  Yes, the dress is similar, but the technique is clearly mine with the big eyes and soft tones.  The bright flower is about as 'bright' as it gets for me. I often put drapes in my pieces.   

Attributed to Sturtevant J Hamblin, c 1840

Quick bold strokes - Characteristic of Hamblin's style 

I am stock piling paintings right now.  They will either go to a gallery or on Etsy.  I am not sure which.  I just sent for some Antique Reproduction gold-leafed frames made in Italy.  They are beautiful and I can't wait to paint some children's portraits for them when they arrive.

Larger painting is SOLD

When I look at this little piece, as the viewer, I wonder, "What is she looking at?" 
Or I might wonder what is going on out the window.  I love the watermark on the wall and her sweet little smile.  All these things make me smile.

Thanks for looking! 


Friday, January 16, 2015

Impressionistic Landscape


A peaceful field of yellow 
I have so many good memories growing up of my mother.  I am so blessed to have had her.  I remember one of her very favorite things to do was to rise early and go and cut the wild flowers before the  hot sun made them sad.  Sometimes she would take me with her.  We had an old station wagon that she would drive in search of beautiful flowers growing freely along side the country roads.  

I was born and raised in a small Pennsylvania town that was near the countryside. There was an abundance of different roads to choose from.   She would pull along the roadside, cut the flowers, and then lay them in the back of the car wrapped in something to keep them from drying out.  Later once they had dried, she would make arrangements with them.  Golden Rod was a flower that she frequently picked and dried. 

Hudson River style 
The style of this painting is a little different than what you are accustomed to seeing me do, but it is nonetheless beautiful (if I may say so).  It looks easy to do because the colors are all run together, but it is surprisingly tricky to pull this off.  
The lonely tree
The lonely tree adds so much to this picture.  I suppose that nature is so wonderful and beautiful that it needs not any other plant or tree to make it complete.  Each created thing is a wonder in and of itself.  I think I wanted to add the tree, however, because it seemed as though it may be perceived as 'unfinished' without it.  Maybe the next one, I will leave the tree out - :) 

Like many of my pieces, the frames are not perfect.  These imperfections do not bother my eye in the least.  I think it adds to the painting.  This old frame was loved, almost to death! 

Here she is in her entirety.  "GoldenRod" will always remind me of my mother.  Thanks for looking.  


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

19th Century Style Portrait of Young Girl with Dog

My Cup Runneth Over 

This is a painting about a girl with her dog.  As I was drawing 
her, I decided, at the last minute, to put a cup in her
hand.  It was as if, she was feeding her little
guy out of her plenty.  

There is a scripture in the 23rd Psalm that talks about God 'Anointing our heads with oil; Our cup runneth over… '   Even 
when life is hard, God provides.  Out of this fullness
we can give to others. 

This was the inspiration for this piece. 

I love how the puppy jumps up on her dress.  

We have two dogs here where I live.  Both of them jump for joy when we walk into the room.  They depend on us to love them and feed them and bathe them.  We do this out of duty but we are motivated by love.  
The ship without sails suggests permanency 
All of my paintings have water in them.  I just love the water and when it's not there, I feel like I need to add it.  I think it really
contributes to the overall beauty of this painting.  I like 
the splash of 'blue.' 
The landscapes around this, I will blog about soon
This painting is long and thin.  It measures

7 1/2" x 12 1/2"
Very Antique frame with old waaavy glass! 

I am going to be putting her on Etsy unless someone 

messages me first!