Wednesday, March 28, 2018

New Pottery Pieces, painting sheep, trees, and a mermaid

Learning another trade 

I have been interested in learning pottery for a very long time.  I think this is a natural segway for me from what I am already doing daily.  I will need to develop 
my skills, but I am on my way!  

I must have been spending too much time with my dogs, because this poor sheep sort of looks like one, lol.  
These are mugs that were hand built and not made 
on a wheel.  

The bottoms were carved and so was the daisy on the handle.  The trees were carved into the clay.  

I made four Black Sheep mugs!  This one is my favorite, I think. (above)

While this isn't the clearest or highest quality photo, you get the idea.  I love the trees and grass, etc.  The black sheep also has some carving highlights.  

The handle on this sort of rests under your pointer finger.  

Finally, I will post a picture of the beginning stages of a mermaid platter!  This piece is about 10" high and 8" wide.  It is slightly concave.   I think I will frame it somehow, maybe, whenever it is finished.  I will post more detailed pictures after these pieces make it thru the fire.  

This mermaid is still fresh wet clay! It will be painted to look like all of my other mermaids.  

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