Thursday, December 31, 2015

Custom Boy Portrait - Part 1

Little Boy with Saint Bernard by the Sea 
Rough draft pencil drawing 
This was done very quickly to give you an idea about how I come up with my ideas.  I just need to figure out the composition before starting to draw.  I dislike any eraser marks. 
Very deep walnut frame with silver leafed liner 
I decided that I would use this nice silver leafed walnut frame.  It is in excellent condition and what I liked most about it was the fact that the liner was silver.  Normally, they are gold leafed.  No damage on this piece, either! 

Saint Bernard. 
I loved this dog.  He has such a sweet face.  Because I am illustrating a young boy for this painting, I couldn't have the dog leaning up onto him. 
The water is at the top and he's leaning on a log. 
These are big dogs and it wouldn't make sense.  We decided that there would also be a book in his hand.  In the end, I drew him laying at the little boy's feet on a log
This is a random drawing that I liked, found online, although I
am NOT doing a profile.  
Having the whole body in the painting helps to give you an idea of the scale of the pet. The example above clearly illustrates a smaller dog.   In the next picture, you can see the scale of my dog.  
I am going to be putting a ship in the background, too, just not drawn yet! 
Thanks for looking today, and I wish you a very Happy, safe New Year!!  Check back next week.  I will have more done then, and you will be able to see it in color!  It is going to be bright and happy. 



Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Kolene Spicher Prints of landscapes

Nostalgic Country Scenes 
in a Primitive Style
For sale on Etsy
It has been a little while since I have been on my blog.  With Christmas now passed, I have a few moments to myself to talk art. 

These prints that I am showing today were done back in 2000.  I actually had them at a trade show so they are technically "Seconds."  Nothing is really wrong with them, though!  My customers would maybe remember them as my Seasonal landscape prints.
Also on ETSY
I have always enjoyed painting landscapes.  As time goes on and interests change, I have come to paint other scenes that are less primitive.  I still love this style, though.  The above print was inspired by my husband's family farm in western Pennsylvania.  They had cows, chickens, horses, and a pond.  Grandma was a lot of fun. 

The three available. (ETSY) 

They are all framed identical and were featured in a flat matte frame that is solid black.
I always encourage people to mix and match their things.  That is what I am constantly doing!  Arranging and rearranging is a major part of my life as I am constantly moving inventory.  
They measure about 14" square

You can read more about thsese on ETSY.  Here is the link!

Thanks so much for looking today!