Friday, May 30, 2014

A Painting of a Little Girl

Mixed Centuries 

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I feel like this painting is a little bit of the 1700s and 1800s combined.  The frame, too, some would say isn't completely correct.  I like the way it looks, however, together.  I think because it is a painting from 2014, it is okay to meld things together a little bit.  That is my humble opinion.  

The Lion sort of reminds me of Edwards Hicks who painted in the early 1800's 
Well, the lion reminds me of the 1830s and the hat reminds me of the 1890s and the frame reminds me of the turn of the century.

Edward Hick's most famous painting was called THE PEACEABLE KINGDOM! I was thinking of this when I painted the lion beside the lamb.  I just like the idea of peace.  I wish that our world was more at peace.  This picture represents peace.  The bird is not afraid of the human, the human is not afraid of the Lion, and the lamb is not intimidated by any of them.  Everyone is safe.  That is the way it should be!

LOVE the big hat with white flower 
I spent the most time on her face.  I wanted the face to be very sweet.  I think she's cute!

The Lamb and Lion are both painted in my primitive style - really the whole painting is painted that way.
  The finish that is on this painting is a wax encaustic finish so it has a very nice hand-rubbed look to it.  If you look closely you can see the glare of the finish. 

One thing about this painting that is not obvious is that I painted OVER another painting that I had completed around 1993 or 94.  I disliked the child, who was a boy, and I turned him into a little girl.  Don't get all weird about it, I kept the lion a lion.  Everything else about the painting was changed, including the finish~which is now encaustic.  I love the finish.

Large as life!! 

As usual, when I paint something new, one of the first things I say to myself is rather I want to keep it or sell it.  I hang it around different places in my house that are suitable for the size and color and then decide if another painting of mine gets bumped (and probably changed).  My husband thinks that I waste my time changing things.  "Paint something new," he will say.  Maybe you agree or don't care.  The thing is that I want to change it.  If I want to, I do.  There's something to be learned about each painting and the mistakes that are made and also the good choices that create the final painting's success.  The painting below (for now) has taken the place of another.  I really like how this painting compliments the gold round frame (compliments of Bombay Company 2004).  

Look at  how it picks up the books

I LOVE THE BOOKS and the painting together
That door to the left is the entrance to my studio, which is always a mess.  I keep the door closed because it is a fly in the perfume.

I thought this looked so neat on this stripped rug.  If you have a stripped wallpapered room this painting would look fantastic.  I have not decided if I will sell this now or wait till my show in September.  Don't forget to check out my Etsy sight.  It's under KOLENESPICHER.

Just for fun, I thought it would be nice to include an Edward Hick's painting. This is a small portion of one of his paintings.  He was a minister, born in 1789 (I think).  I should be looking this up.  I think that he did the Peaceable Kingdom series around 1830.
Not to be mean, but I don't like the face on this boy.  
I happen to have very honest teenaged children that will look at my paintings and tell me when they are ugly.  This does happen and did happen with the painting that was painted OVER...

Thanks for looking today!  I really appreciate your time! 


Thursday, May 29, 2014

Ship Painting Petite!


Today, I decided that this little guy deserved some attention.  The painting itself is very small but the scroll work measures in around 14" high.  I was inspired to put it in this frame from a very important piece of cut paper art that I found!  I will try to include a picture of this very soon.  I have to find it!  
This piece is self standing with a very clever back.  I love it with my antiques. 

The back has a little stand that was built into it.  You can tell by the top of this that it was hand cut with some sort of scroll or band saw.  It is very neat up and close. 

See the imperfection? 

Here's a shot of the backside.  It's just as clever! I LOVE the details that were put into the stand itself.  I love that someone loved to make folk art and I had to have this frame when I seen it! As I said, it reminds me of cut paper. Scharenschnitte is what it's called and I know it's not spelled correctly.  Sorry. 

In order to really see the detail on this frame, I felt like I needed to have it standing on a white background.  Take a look at this, it's for sale on my Etsy page!

Thanks for looking! 


More Pottery

Yesterday was Pottery Class 

Well, here's my finished Tin Can flower vase.  I really like it, but there's some issues with it as there have been with many of my pieces.  I am new at this, so please be kind.  HA 

At one time, there was a lid for this.  I filed that in Bin 13.  It makes a great vase for flowers, however, because it's heavy and I can cram a lot of flowers into it without fear of it falling over.  

This lid turned out perfect.  I even like the painting and firing of it.  Even though I am a painter by trade, painting pottery is not so easy for me.  I find fault with everything that I produce.  I need to keep a tablet, I am certain, that says DO and DON'T do this…  The bowl that goes with this... eh.  I don't like it.  Next week I am going to make another.  

See, how the lid doesn't come down on the bowl correctly?  Well, I am going to use it for now but I am intending do replace this .  The lid is flat.  The bowl is not even and that is why we see the crack on the right side.  Be kind. 

I love garlic.  

Another shot of my garlic bowl.  Yes, I have it right next to my stove.  I am not even a little bit worried about breaking it either~LOL 

Don't look at the permanent stains on my griddle.  As a matter of fact, this week I made a cover for my griddle.  I CAN'T wait to see how this turns out.  I think I may have found something that I can sell!  It looked very cool in the wet form but we will see if it fires flat! 

Thanks so much for looking at my humble pottery.  

Kind Regards! 

Monday, May 26, 2014

Ladies and Gentleman DOG Silhouettes

There are few things that scream Whimsical more than these - Dog Silhouettes 


Fun Artwork for the Den, Library, TV room, or Living Room
These little guys are so cute.  Many of you may have seen them larger scale but here I present to you the smallest version.  They measure about 6 1/2" X 7 3/4" THEY look darling on a little wall or over a doorway.

The book reads "The Book of Dogverbs"

I named each of the books that the dogs held from famous books (with a twist).  I know I don't need to say this but just in case you don't "get" it, I will.  Dogverbs stands for Proverbs.  

The Frame is black with red highlights! 

This is too Yellow but I wanted you to see the newspaper purse.
This guy is not holding a book but rather a horse whip.  Fun isn't it?  I really love his red coat and his sweet profile.  I think that it could represent a number of different species but I think Lab! 

His jacket photographed more orangey red than in reality.  It is more like the lower picture in the middle  or perhaps a mix of the two.

Love the Gold frame here.  

Check out the newspaper!  (background is not yellowy)

These dogs would look cute in an office, too.  I think that they would make a sweet Father's Day gift if you have a dad that is a dog lover!!

Love the frame on this, too.  The black and gold really compliment each other and the dog. 

Moby Dog (instead of Moby Dick). 

If you love these and are interested in purchasing them, I have 3 of them for sale on Etsy.  Right now these are the only three I have available.  You may be able to buy them thru a store in your area, too, if they carry Spicher and Co. artwork. These are prints of my original work.    Go to my Etsy page KOLENESPICHER.  This is my store name!

Enjoy!  Thanks for looking.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Wedding Guest Book Painting - Part 4

The Guest Book pages are framed! 

The Frame is Burl and Wonderful
This job is complete.  I wasn't going to make another post about it, but I had so much interest in it that I thought it was appropriate to share with you what the final product looked like.  I MADE SCANS OF THIS JOB.  I don't always pay to have that done, but I did so because I can NOW take orders for weddings with YOUR INFORMATION written across the bottom.  I have two different examples for you to choose from.  Let me know if you are interested.  It would be a print, which  makes it affordable.  These were actually painted and that is, of course, more expensive.  I can sell it with any frame on it.  We have a nice variety to choose from and it would  make YOUR wedding unique.  

More shots! 

This is a much better resolution than the previous shot of this painting. 

I don't know what it is about curtains, but I LOVE THIS CURTAIN! 


Finally, here are the two pieces framed in their entirety! 



I hope that you have enjoyed the process!  It was my pleasure to paint these and I always want to do a good job. 

Thanks for looking! 


Friday, May 23, 2014

Pizza Night


Well, I have.  It happened long ago, when sailor wore stripped pants and sailed on boats called clipper ships.  It was a Thursday in the late afternoon, and this guy would row to shore and make a tasty meal of bread with cheese and seaweed salad!  He even had his own special way of baking the pizza using bricks and stones and shells that could be found nearby.  It was just like an today's oven.  

I am just having some fun.  This painting was executed in a watercolor technique.  The frame is a little banged up but I am going to fix that right quick! 



This is a little more Orangey than is accurate but I wanted you to see what was written across the bottom. 

Call me silly, but I really like her little mole on her right cheek.  He is looking very proud of himself, too, I might add.  She's slightly bored.  I can tell.  

HERE'S A CLEVER IDEA:  I like to put paintings on little easels.  This particular easel is a stained brown one and disappears wherever I place it.  I purchased it at HOBBY LOBBY.  They have a great variety of inexpensive easels.  

To give you an idea of the scale of this, I have included a shot with some of my nautical things that I collect.  This tool box just works to my way of thinking because I imagine that it was aboard a ship. It is a shipman's tool box.  

If I get some interest in this painting, I may list it on Etsy.  My Etsy name is KOLENESPICHER :)

**this painting is sold :)

Thanks for looking! 


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Scissor Illustrations

Scissor Illustrations in Black Newsprint Frame

The Samples 

Etsy listing

THIS IS ONE OF ABOUT 5 THAT ARE LISTED ON ETSY.  IF You are interested in buying these prints, I will offer a group discount.  Contact me! 

Each time we develop a new item, we make up a sample.  The following pictures below were part of the 'sample' pictures that were developed around my scissor idea (back in 07).
Love the splash of color on the handle and the black Newsprint frame! 
The fact remains~I have painted almost everything under the sun.  Well, maybe not …I can't think of anything.  Back in 2007, I illustrated 5 different antique pairs of scissors.  I don't know where all I collected my reference material from, but it all has a very "French" feel to it...  Some of it came from my grandmother who had a little collection of scissors and thimbles and some of the reference material came from the web.

They were drawn very lightly in pencil and then watercolored to achieve the soft look that I am presenting today.  I have the scissors photographed in various settings around the house so that you can see that they would look good almost anywhere.  I think an office or bathroom or hair salon would look really neat.  Heck, I would hang these in a kitchen.  For the past 5 years, they were at the entrance to my laundry room.  I LOVE THEM and still do, it's just I am redoing things.  

I have these listed on Etsy.  You can check them out.  They have the word "sample" where my name would normally be written.  That was because they were just that, a sample.  Today they are part of our line and you can see them on the S & Co. website, too.

There are a total of 5 of them on Etsy today and you cannot find anything like this exactly at Spicher because for one thing they are not the sample.

The 5 available - LOVE THE FRAME
The details were executed in pencil with a wash of watercolor. 

I love the way they all look ganged together on my crazy floorcloth (also from S & Co.) and you can see the floorcloths too at

Here are a few more shots of the 5 scissor prints available: 

This one (above) is a little different in that the base of the scissor cutting edge is YELLOW.  
Each print is signed on the reverse to look like this. 

This one is slightly different than the First pair in that the handle is not colored.  

I hope that you enjoyed seeing them.  It is so fun changing things up and bringing in something new.  If you think you would be interested in any of these scissor prints, check out my Etsy store or 

And YET another pair.

Thanks for looking! Enjoy!!