Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Rufus Porter Project

Painting a Mural 

Rufus Porter Style 

Part of one of my paintings 
I am getting ready to travel to Connecticut to do a mural.  It's one large wall, but I felt it was manageable, so I agreed.  One of the things that helps tremendously when embarking on a project like this is good reference material.  My customer liked one of my paintings and wanted it to be executed larger, so this makes it easier for me because I am essentially copying myself.  

This is the painting that she liked.  My ideas are to paint it very closely in composition and color to the original; however, for my "mockup" I changed it a little, I made it slightly brighter.  I thought that the mural might be easier to do if I had the painting.  The painting is too large for my vehicle so this is the next best thing.  

This is painted on a light weight panel so that I can easily truck it across the country!  

I am going to place a grained tiger maple frame around it!  

Tune back in later for more photos, probably next week or the week after!