Saturday, February 28, 2015

Kolene Spicher Primitive Nautical Ship Print

Large Scale Print of Primitive Ship 

Perfect for bedroom or kitchen decor! 

Staging a kitchen using prints, antique trophies, and original artwork. 

Although this photographed a bit vague, you can see the effect that is created by choosing like prints and ganging them together.

Simply stated bedroom, same print.  I like this too. ALOT. 
I don't always paint as naively as this, but sometimes I just love that folky non-academic look.  

Quick brush strokes that were not deliberated over too much, but carefully placed is how
I achieved this look. 

This poor guy barely got a face. 
I love the soft tones and pallet of this painting.  Plus, I love how the ship fills the picture.  It really looks nice over the bed above and completely different in the kitchen setting.

Setting objects in front of artwork, doesn't detract.  What it does is cause your eye to travel over the room and not get locked into just one spot.  Staging rooms are often what sells homes. 

All these paintings are mine except the antique lobster!  That came from Paris! 

This group of paintings really blend well together.  I probably wouldn't, in a real life setting, place this print over the pretty original painting in the back right.  But for the sake of today's blog, I needed to!  


Friday, February 27, 2015

Girl with Mask

The Removable Mask 
A Primitive Silhouette

**Update ~ Look at March 1, 2015 for a change to this painting

Last Week I painted a watercolor of a little girl.  I put it on Etsy.  I kept looking at it and got an excellent idea.  I am in love with silhouettes, so I decided to paint one and put it over her face.  It's okay, she didn't care. 

I attached these prongs to the back of the silhouette that are inserted into little slits that were made with an Exacto Knife at the top of her dress where the frills are located.  

Her head is slightly oversized, which is folky and primitive and just fine with me.  I had to give her a big head to cover the portrait beneath. 

One of my favorite things about being an artist is that I can change anything up.  I can paint the  moon black and the sky light.  When you create, you take something that is nothing and make it into something.  Or something like that. 

I think she's sweet both ways and I have only ever done this one time before in 25 years.  I was having my house photographed a few years ago, some of you may remember, for Country Living.  I had a wall of silhouettes and needed just one more… So, I tore a painting apart of a man and turned it into a silhouette. 
This is what you see if you pull her mask off! 

Here's a sweet little grouping that shows the piece more in full.  Remember, this is a ONE of a KIND original.

This is for sale on Etsy! Please check my store out.  It is named KOLENESPICHER.  


Monday, February 16, 2015

Kolene Spicher Original Mermaid Circus Painting - an UPDATE from 10/01/14

The Noblest 
Art is that of making 
Others Happy! 

If you look at Oct 1, 2014, you will see a very different version of this painting 
So this morning, I got thinking about this painting.  I've had it for a while.  I decided that the painting (not this one but the first version of this one THAT I JUST FIXED) looked really FLAT.  It lacked what I call POP.  So, I sat down on the floor and began the process of tearing it apart.  It was time-consuming to fix but well worth it!  The first thing I did was replace the frame.  I had a really nice gold leafed one tucked away and decided that if it made this painting feel "happy" it might be worth the extra effort to fix it.  I began by painting a drape.  

The drape had to be blue because it compliments the frame. 

Next I added a stripped flag.  Remember, I wanted things to POP. 

Thirdly, I added a saying in the water "If you are Smiling, I've succeeded." 
This painting is so happy now.  It makes me want to keep it.  You know, sometimes when things aren't the way they should be, you have to take the extra time to fix them.  Ask someone to do the parts that you don't like.  For instance, I had my son Ian tear the picture apart.  I hate removing the framers points.  

Recently, I received some bad news, I said to myself, what can I change about the way I am looking at this that is making me unhappy??  I decided that I need to switch my focus.  So I am focusing on making others happy.  Like life, No painting is perfect.  But sometimes if you add something colorful and intricate, it takes your eye and focus away from what is flat and, forgive this word, dead.  That is what I am doing, focusing on something different!  My perspective has changed and I can't wait to see who I make happy (through this painting). 

Finally, I painted the HULL black.  Wow, that really brought it together. 

This was the way it WAS.  What a difference! 
Finally, I wouldn't be telling the whole story if I didn't mention that the saying on the flag came from the circus man, himself,  P. T. Barnum. I think it would make him happy to know that I felt this painting needed some of his wisdom.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Kolene Spicher Portrait of a girl from the Romantic Era - HAND PAINTED

My heart with Pleasure Fills, 

Thinking 'bout my daffodils. 
My little girl portrait on an old book

If you have been following my blog, you know that I am into round paintings these days.  This like the others, will be framed in the table-top frames that come from Italy.  This one is silver leafed and beautiful. 

The background was painted to simulate ivory 

I love this period in history, known as the Romantic Period.  Having actually originated in Europe, it was a direct response to the industrial Revolution.  

On the back of the painting, I have written the saying out (that you can see along the left side of the painting running up along the frame).  This is for us folks that use reading glasses! 

The scale of this still falls into the 'miniature' grouping; however, it is slightly larger as the image on this little piece is 5" wide.  The frame is gorgeous on the backside, too

This will be for sale on Etsy!  Look for a coupon code, because I run them regularly.  

I love the soft purple-like background.  

Here's another shot with the light hitting it slightly differently!  Check it out on Etsy at KOLENESPICHER

She is a one-of-a-kind in EVERY aspect.  The frame is handmade, too. 


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

High Point Furniture Market Spring 2015

Spicher and Co. 

If you are in the trade and attending High Point, please stop in to our showroom and say HELLO!  View all of our Spring 2015 new art prints and "Vintage Vinyl."  

The High Point Furniture Market is a must attend if you are in the trade and do any resale.  Check us out in the C & D Building and see everything that we do! 

Check us out at 


Kolene Spicher original painting of a lady from the 19th Century Regency era -For my love

For My Love 

An original Silhouette Painting of a Lady in red

I think that I have as much fun taking pictures of my artwork as I do actually painting it.  This wonderful french book that I photographed the original on was recently purchased while away in Atlanta.  I really love the book.  I think the silhouette looks outstanding on it, too.  I have made cards of this that look JUST LIKE THIS above picture, if you are interested.  Let me know. 

Here she is framed.  I love the contrasting blues of the books and the stripes.  Wow, if I had a room with stripes and jewel tones like this, I would have so much fun with my artwork and a camera.  

The sides of this are just beautiful. 

The back of these Italian frames are very nicely assembled.  I really like the beautiful paper.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, they are hand made, too. 

Finally, here is another shot of this little miniature.  You can also look at it on ETSY.  It is for sale on my ETSY store KOLENESPICHER.


Sunday, February 8, 2015

Kolene Spicher Portrait of a Little Girl in Blue from 19th Century Regency Era, Georgian Style

Little Girl Blue

I love the details in this sweet dress as well as the distressing that shows on the side of the original (Carefully look directly above inside the edge of the frame itself).  I carefully placed this painting on top of another piece of art.  The backdrop is frenchy cursive that is very watery looking.  The focus is suppose to be the 
young girl.  

This was taken in daylight under natural light.  The drape and silhouette forms in the background are really something that I enjoy doing.  I like to see lots of contrast.  I also like the details in the water.  

I love the way the dark black lines draw your eye to the ship in the background with the dark lines of the ropes. 

The ship painting in the background is one of my favorite paintings that I own.  I have had it resting on the mantle in in kitchen for about 10 years.  
4" x 6" wide is the painting itself.

Just look at the detail on these frames.  LOVE the paper.  This frame, like the painting, is 100-percent handmade in Italy.  The leafing is gorgeous.  


Kolene Spicher Portrait of young girl from 18th Century - Spiring Come Now!

Spring Come Now!
I love the movement in this painting 
I am ready for spring.  My husband was busy working on my son's car with his boys.  The weekend was sort of filled with grease and screws, etc.  This left me free.  

As I mentioned in a recent post, I had been waiting for a box of handmade gold-leafed frames from Florence, Italy.  They finally arrived and I'm busy filling them! 
Look at the caption!  It's the  name of this painting! 
There's something funny about this.  For one thing, I don't thing any one in that century would write such a thing--BUT THAT'S WHAT MAKES IT GREAT ART! 

My favorite shot of this painting!
She measures about 5X7"  The painting itself is 4"x6"
Look at the back of this frame.  It's as wonderful as the front.  LOVING them!  
Beautiful hand-papered backs with self-standing piece that is attached by a ribbon.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Kolene Spicher Moonlit water scene of Long Island

A likeness of Long Island Sound

My favorite French BOOK

I love all things French.  This book is a new prop of mine.  I enjoy taking pictures in different settings and laying my artwork on top to see how the colors are changed by the nature of their surroundings. 

Photographed on Nickel
The Greek Revival model really adds to the overall good feel.  

Look how the mood of this changes when photographed on black.

I recently became interested in moonlight water scenes.  What I learned very quickly was that moonlight over Laguna Beach is similar to Moonlight over the Chesapeake which is similar to moonlight over
Long Island Sound.  Moonlight is moonlight, and water is water.

I enjoy looking at photographs and found a picture of Long Island that I liked and so Wa-LA here, here she is!   It is very similar to the other moonlight scenes.  I am going to TRY not to paint any more like this. haha. Try is the key word.

I took the painting (which is tiny) to different areas of my house to photograph it.  I had some trouble with glare.  I tried every trick in the book.  I wished I had snapped my photos before putting it behind glass.  I didn't want to stress the back of the picture frame by disassembling it.  The frame is COMPLETELY LOVELY.  It is handmade and hand silver leafed in Italy.  I have waited forever for these frames to arrive. 

Look at the details.  The paper is outstanding.  Just love the frame. 

This might be the truest likeness.  In the left corner I wrote "Long Island Sound."  I could not tell exactly from the photo where this was from.  It could be anywhere, truthfully, it can be from where you want it to be :) 

Thanks for looking!