Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Vintage looking pressed flowers


THE ART OF pressing  REAL FLOWERS and 

turning THEM into LIVE stamps. 

I am really excited about these and have been working on this project ALL summer.  I went to the Chesapeake Bay and while on walks, I gathered fresh flowers and weeds along the roadside,  painting them, pressing them, and then turning them into 'stamps' that were used for art.  
These will be taken to High Point Wholesale MARKET  in October.   We exhibit in the Commerce and Design building!  There about 24 of them!  I hope you enjoy!  

I really love the colors on this one 

A splash of red for fall! 

I am unsure how I will have the framed but am going to be hanging then in my house sometime very soon.  Here is the whole lot of them thrown on my extra large dining room table!  

Friday, August 26, 2016

Whaling Scene

Calling All Whalers!!
Making History One day at a time.

Small whaling Scene 
I don't know now I come up with these titles but they work.  I just imagine that they would have to use banners and signs to get the word out, Worthy Whalers Wanted! 
The Call to all Whalers!
So this is an antique frame.  I painted this on canvas so it is not behind glass.    

The colors go well with the other paintings that I have done.  Most of my work blends with each painting that
I have done in the past.  These both are for sale on ETSY today.

I love anything nautical.  My house is full of all kinds of props!  I like how these look sitting behind the ducks.  

Here is the painting in its entirety.  It measures about 11"x13"  Check it out on Etsy! 

For Scale
I use acrylic paint.  I love to use vibrant colors to depict things but also manage to subdue them if necessary, don't like garish colors.  

I wrote an inspirational saying on the back.  Isn't this so true?  Sometimes, when I look back at what we have had to do, I think WOW, how did we ever do it!  Doing what looks
impossible starts with the first step...




Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Atlantic Ocean Mermaid

Miss Atlantic 

She was queen for a day! 

Featured in her new Gold frame 


I briefly talked about this mermaid before.  It's been one of those things where the mermaid and the frame just didn't jive.  I have enjoyed her on my wall for a while now and finally found a frame that I believe to work.

The finish on this frame is reproduction in nature, meaning that it was newly painted to look old.  It's all crackled and bubbled and will look great with seashells and beauty decor. 

One of the funnest things about my job is creating things that make people feel something.  This mermaid has the sweetest expression.  Her expression is innocent.  Her little hands are naively painted.  She is just fun.

This is the newest frame, Sorry I keep reframing this piece.  I FINALLY am happy! 

OLD FRAME, this frame is too dark.  

In the water to the left and right of her arm is the saying "She was Queen for a day."  I want to be queen for a day!!!  ha 

Just for fun, I am adding what this painting looks like from the back side!  Look at my GIRL sitting on that chair.  She's pretty innocent, too! 




Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Small paintings with BIG impact

Using Book Shelves and small Cupboards to 

display small pieces 

Offers BIG Impact 

Its been a very long time since I have posted.  I have been dealing with another round of the old Ovarian Cancer.  There, I said it.  Now, I can get on with my job, LOL.  I have talked in the past about doing a show in September that is in Doylestown, PA.   I had to cancel this event. I am sorry about it, too.   I will plan on returning 2017, provided that I can get back into the show.  This show is amazing and there is a waiting list.  Maybe they will let me back in since I have a good excuse.  JUST SAYING.  Some days I feel I should have a blog about Cancer and dealing/surviving with it.  Step 1, The first thing I tell myself is that there is an end to it.  I fully believe that one day I will wake up and it will be G O N E.  Painting is good therapy, Step 2.  

I feel good and am at the other side of this...THANKS be to God! 
Using book shelves to display small art is a very interesting and good idea to me.  I have written about it before.    The ways to display the small paintings are endless.  Small easels, book stands, little boxes, decorative books--are all good props and add dimension and interest to display my small masterpieces (LOL).  This little painting came from my ETSY store just recently (lower right corner of picture above). 


The customer loved it and has already sent me a photo!  I LOVE SOCIAL MEDIA. 

All four paintings in this cupboard were provided by Kolene

Now,  I am ready to list another on Etsy.  This one is a long thin whaling painting that was painted on canvas.  It is actually a small canvas original.  The frame is wonderfully primitive.  Check it out on KOLENESPICHER Etsy.  

Add capthttps://www.etsy.com/listing/460685836/kolene-spicher-original-whale-painting?ref=pr_shopion

Thanks for looking! 
ENJOY your day.