Friday, August 26, 2016

Whaling Scene

Calling All Whalers!!
Making History One day at a time.
Small whaling Scene 
I don't know now I come up with these titles but they work.  I just imagine that they would have to use banners and signs to get the word out, Worthy Whalers Wanted! 
The Call to all Whalers!
So this is an antique frame.  I painted this on canvas so it is not behind glass.    

The colors go well with the other paintings that I have done.  Most of my work blends with each painting that
I have done in the past.  These both are for sale on ETSY today.
I love anything nautical.  My house is full of all kinds of props!  I like how these look sitting behind the ducks.  

Here is the painting in its entirety.  It measures about 11"x13"  Check it out on Etsy! 

For Scale
I use acrylic paint.  I love to use vibrant colors to depict things but also manage to subdue them if necessary, don't like garish colors.  

I wrote an inspirational saying on the back.  Isn't this so true?  Sometimes, when I look back at what we have had to do, I think WOW, how did we ever do it!  Doing what looks
impossible starts with the first step...



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