Thursday, September 26, 2013

Cat and Mouse!

                           Its a matter of Cat and Mouse! 

Here is the Cat painting that I sold a little while ago.  What  made this whole picture, I thought, was the mouse.  It really is all about the mouse.  I promised to post it and it took me a while to find the correct photo!  So glad I found it!

A Mermaid in a Grass Skirt

This Human is part Mermaid! She was the Star of the beach! 

Here is another mermaid available for purchase.  You can leave a message on this blog.

I think she is a real Star, hence the name! Love the old frame.  I would hang this in my bedroom or reading room!

Sailboat Canvas Painting


Where are the people in this boat??  What was I thinking?  Well, I wanted this to be about the boat and not the person...Okay?!!  I think that this would be darling in someone's nautical bedroom.  

If you are interested in this painting, it is available. Please notify me by leaving a message on this blog.  

A Sailor Boy with his Navigational Book

More Nautical 
I Love Nautical. 

Can you tell that I love the ocean?  I have decorated more beach homes than I can shake a stick at!  Unfortunately, none of them are mine! Most of the time, the customer buys an nautical print (www.

I love sailors.   

Here's a few sailors that I have painted.  Both of these are available to buy. 
 The boy is my favorite.  I love the frame on it, too.  I bought it in Ocean City, NJ.  That makes it even better, in my humble opinion.  The guy to the right (actually a ship captain) was inspired by a painting that I looked at a while back at a little museum in Carlisle, PA called the Carlisle Historical Society.  They have a neat gift shop, too.  Anyways, they had a painting on display and her name was Martha Stewart (Stuart).  She wore dark blue sunglasses, and yes, she was painted a century or more ago.  The sun was out then, too.   I call him Captain Stuart.  HA. 

If you are interested in either of these, leave a message!

Anchor Painting



I like anything that makes me feel encouraged.  I try to work hope into every painting that I execute.  If it looks nice and makes you feel good, well...that's more than half the battle.  I found this neat old frame that reminded me of an old sailor's art and thought it might be neat to illustrate an anchor.  I really am loving anchors at the moment.  

Like the last post mentioned, I am showing what is available for purchase.  This photo could be better but I don't have access to the piece at the moment.  I will need to rely on what I have on my IPhone, and this is it!!  The fancy scroll frame has a ship painted in it (also available for purchase.)  

The tramp art piece in the front, I sold.  

Now everyone will want that one and(that's how it works) it has gone to a man in California.  You can leave a message on this blog.   If you are interested in other examples of my artwork go to  ENJOY!! There's a lot there, I have been painting for 22 years!

A Boy with a Bird

Boy with little red Bird

I want to talk about this painting.  I love to paint children and have a particular fondness for boys because I have 3 of them.  This particular piece is museum mounted and floating on a solid black background.  I am moving away, somewhat, from antique frames because artwork must be able to be enjoyed with new furniture.  I think the old frames just don't blend like they need to.  Placing a new frame on something that looks very old and "mounting" it causes this painting to meld into my furnishings in a way that is current.   It highlights it and elevates it and makes it look important in a method that an antique frame fails to accomplish.  I call it my retrieved wallpaper look because the edges are slightly turned up and is deliberately distressed to appear as if someone removed it from another century,  place,  and time to bring it to the present and preserve it.   

The second photo shows a closeup of the "floating" technique.  This painting is available for purchase.  Please leave a message on this blog if you are interested.  I have a few paintings currently that are for sale.  I will post them as I have the opportunity and time.  Thanks for looking!