Thursday, November 20, 2014

Parks of New York City - developing a new style.

Black and Light

(Not black and white) 

A new style of painting that I am working on
I am like many artists, I really get bored with one 'look' and recently decided that I wanted to try to add another more contemporary style to my paintings.   I am not saying goodbye to 'folk art' just hello to something that is a little more current.  As I posted this, I imagined all the people's reactions-negative and positive- to this different look.  Some would say, what is she doing? While others (who have never seen my light happy stuff) maybe would say, 'Hm. I like this.'  I think that this painting is all about the light, I even put a street light in there, as if to prove it.  

I moved this around the house trying to capture the right colors with different lighting.  The painting is close but the frame is way off-very colorless, unlike the original. 
I have yet to come up with a name for this.  I think I will call it "Old Photo Brown tone Painting".  I included an old 'brown tone' that was taken in Ocean City about 1905.  This was my Great Aunt Nellie, who I adored.

This example on the right is closer to reality.  The white "dirt" on the frame is really old dried white paint.  It is clean and not as grungy as it looks.  I have about 9 others that I have worked on this last week but I am taking them to Atlanta so I can't show them…yet. 

With today's technology, its really hard to come up with something new and fresh.  Even people that cannot paint to save their lives can come up with something decent if they know how to work the different workshops that can be downloaded unto a good computer--such as paint or illustrator, etc… 

The frame is very old and the glass is wavy, but the artwork is very new and very unique.

The scratches seem to just work as if they try to reach down to blend with the trees 

An area of Central Park 'The Conservatory' 

This area of the park is fascinating to me.  in 1917 it was called The Conservatory Water because it was intended to have a greenhouse built on the very spot that the pond or reflecting pool sits today.  Instead, it became a place where model sailboats were propelled, the greenhouse never built.  The sailboats with their long sticks were extended into the water in hope for a strong wind.  Today they have remote controls that power the little boats all around.  This painting is my imagination at work.  What would it be like at night?  Remember, that dark is only the absence of light.  It's not scary, its just not illuminated.   We only know light because of darkness and we only know darkness because of light.  I know, too deep.

Lastly, here's my favorite area.  I seem to place a lot of pictures here till they are sold.  It just is my favorite spot for small paintings.  I need to do this to more book shelves.  It  takes time...




Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thanksgiving Mermaid's on Cape Cod

Celebrating Thanksgiving Cape Cod Style! 

****Update - See below 
Well, after a lot of shopping around antique stores, I finally found a frame that fits this painting perfectly. It really is a miracle because it was a weird size…  See below 

UPDATE - No. 2
The final piece, "Celebrating Thanksgiving Cape Cod Style" 

I sold this painting! I needed to make a small change, or rather add a small addition! The buyer wanted their baby in the picture!  Having a baby is an important event, I can understand it fully.  

Here is what I did, where the pumpkins were, I tucked the baby mermaid sitting amongst the blades of grass.  

She's barely old enough to sit, but there she is! 

If you love to sing, this painting is for you! 
I don't know what you have been taught, but when you celebrate, sometimes you just have to sing!  This painting comes off like a drama to me.  The drape and the backdrop really capture the feel of the Theater.  Can you imagine a play on broadway about Thanksgiving and the holidays where the characters are in Mermaid attire?  WOW.  I would go :)

Celebrating Cape Cod Style
The title of this painting

Boy that is one serious mermaid.  She doesn't know what to think of that pilgrim that looks like a puppet. 

Now this girl is sweet.  She's in love.  "Sure, I will take some gravy".  (now there's a baby-see above) !

The Mayflower landed on Cape Cod's National Seashore.  America really does start here.   

This gives you an idea of the scale.  
Let me know if you are interested in this painting.  I have not framed it yet.  Thanks for looking!


This frame came off an old museum piece.  I found it at an antique store!  I am amazed as it JUST FITS! 

I hope you have a very nice Thanksgiving holiday! 

A Pilgrim's Thanksgiving

Mermaid meets Pilgrim
Pilgrim meets Indian
They all celebrate!

The background photographed much brighter than it should have but I wanted you to see the rich colors of the painting, itself!  
This painting is a little brighter than I usually paint!  I am trying to add a little more 'PUNCH' to the canvas, as they say.   I don't know who said that, but you get the idea.  

This is a little more shaded than the original.  The colors are more like Picture Lettered (B) below. 
This painting was shipped this afternoon to Nantucket Country, 38 Centre Street, Nantucket MASS.  She should have it in a few days, but if you want it, you should call her.  It won't stay long.   It is painted on masonite board and has a flat varnished finish.  The colors are very vibrant and the picture is full of action and imagination.  Things I love about this are the branches that have lost their leaves.  This detail catches my eye. I also like the plaid cloth laying on the Trestle styled table.    I like how the trees come together at the top as if they are clapping and rejoicing.  My favorite mermaid is the one on the far left.

The lady pilgrim is very funny because she is actually a mermaid. Look under the table.   She is looking lovingly at the Indian to the far left of the canvas.  In fact, I think all the mermaids are stuck on the Indians.

Look how sweet the mermaid is positioned underneath the right tree (above Letter (B)).  If you take a closer look, you will see her heart carved in the tree.   The girl to the left of the sitting Indian looks really put off by her outfit.  I think it's all funny, though.  Let's all laugh.
I love this shot and the mermaid standing beside the pumpkin pie, she's thinking, I could roll this across the table.  I had to paint it that way, though, because number 1, it's funny.  Number 2, I wanted to be certain that it was obvious that it was a pumpkin pie.

Lastly, There is the Mayflower.  We had to have that in the picture, for sure!  I hope you enjoy this painting.  I am getting ready to post another THANKSGIVING MERMAID PAINTING.  Watch for it in a few moments.  I am posting it today.  I painted these both literally side by side.  :)


Friday, November 7, 2014

Ship Scene - 4th of July


This is a print.  I sent the original to Nantucket a long time ago.  Today I was going thru some more things and came across this.  I thought it was so neat.  The frame that you see is one that we HAND MADE at Spicher and co.  Anyone that knows Mark (My husband) knows that he is an amazing carpenter and designer (forgive me the small brag…).  It is as much a one of a kind piece as anything because there are only so many of these frames around.  A small number of them…too expensive to manufacture.  Take a look at the painting.  

We present a parade of ships for the 4th! 
In Annapolis each December, they have a parade of ships that go up Spa Creek.  I haven't had the luxury to see this but hear that it's amazing.  This 'Parade of Ships' was inspired by a NEW ENGLAND port.  I can't remember which one…sigh.

Another view of the frame-30x17x4" 
Like the mermaid painting that I posted about, this frame 'self stands,' making it usable on top of a dresser.  See Mermaid post -

For sale on ETSY

Like the MERMAID above, this will be for sale on ETSY.  Keep in mind 'The 4th of July parade of Ships' is a PRINT.

Thanks for looking! 

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Displaying artwork around Christmas Decorations

Small Original Watercolor technique painting of Church

The little painted houses were cut out by my husband and painted by me back in 1988
The only ones that are not mine is the yellow one and the log cabin.
Trying to come up with places and ways to display artwork can be challenging.  I think bookshelves are great for small pieces but I also like to use little stands and 'prop' them places around the house.  They are especially sweet around the holidays!

The painting on Etsy KOLENESPICHER shop is front and center!

I thought I'd borrow the painting over the holidays!  The only way this will be a problem is if one of the kids knock the tree over :(  It's possible.  

Kolene Spicher '

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Giant Squid!

Seafood Artwork! 

I love to see room settings with my artwork!  It's just plain fun to play around with the pictures that people send in and come up with a blog entry about the room settings.  Today, I noticed that Spicher and Co. had posted a few pictures of some cool seafood type prints that are for sale and can be seen in room settings.  Before I show you the nice and neat pictures, I thought it would be funny to show you one that is not so…um, neat.  It's a shot of my studio.  I have the print of the 'giant' squid hanging in the background! 

I always like to mention when the color is a bit off.  The background (due to lighting) photographed
very 'pink'.  I will include the actual print from S & Co, though, so that you can see the true
color that would be on the print that is for sale. 

You may wonder what was my inspiration for this, well it wasn't this photo! 

This was a hoax and went viral back in January of 2014.  It reminded me of my exaggerated white squid below!
(a little humor) 

My fav one is the black one! 
Spicher and Co. has posted on their FACEBOOK page the following room settings that were taken from the new Ballard Designs Catalog!

I love the colors of these and the simple white frames
Here is another very cool option for an ocean themed room!

This too with the worn red letters just look fantastic in a nautical room.