Saturday, February 27, 2016

Whaling Scene by Kolene Spicher

The Composition 
I like action.  This painting will be done in the same technique as all of my other work in the sense that it will have the same flair and movement with similar "Kolene" colors.  I like to do this so that my collectors can hang them with their other earlier pieces. 


This just looks like a craftsperson's work, tramp art like.  I would say 1880.   I think the girl on the far right made it.  Just kidding! 
In some of my previous posts, I have talked about the type of person who would have chosen 'Whaling' as a profession.  They frequently attracted skilled people--educated people good with their hands.  This is because the pay was good.  Even young people participated and there was a job for nearly everyone.  I liked this frame because it looks like something that someone might have 'widdled' away at while sailing at sea. 

Closeup.  This is Walnut, I think.  The color looks like cherry, though.  Hmmm.

It has a nice thickness.  The little crack is stable and not going anywhere. 
I really love the frame and because there are warm cherry tones in it, I am going to use a color palette similar to this (below).  The glass is wavy and the image size is about 6 X 9.  I am thinking that this will be tucked away for my show in September 2016.  Google it, it is called the Bedminster Show and is located in Doylestown, PA  at the Delaware Valley College.  At this point, I am only doing one or two retail venues, the rest is strictly limited to the trade and located in Atlanta and High Point, NC.  

I will add more clear turquoise to this, too, it will not be murky  ...  and of course there will be some words.  I may do my 3-D thing with it, as well!  Playing it by ear!  It will be fun.  

Enjoy and check back often.  I am getting ready to start a 3-D mermaid.  I have actually already prepared the surface for this and am ready to go… 


Thursday, February 25, 2016

Painting for Spicher and Company and the upcoming High Point, NC furniture market, Entry 2

The Bathing Beauties 
Carrying a shell 
So these are my newest creations.  They are sort of a take off of the vices in a way.  My goal is to have 12 of these.  Currently, I am at number 7.  My idea is that I would have 6 ladies and 6 mendies, just kidding.  Men.  Six men.  

I like the idea of drinking something tropical while being in the water 
It's always fun to imagine what you might get to do when you go to one of those tropical places.  Really, anything you would like to do is available for money.  You can snorkel, rent a boat, look for shells, drink a beer or a soda, have a margarita! Whatever.  If you are lucky enough to live along the ocean, you may want to stop at our show room in High Point and check out these new bathing beauties.

This is why I need someone other than myself looking and critiquing things. 
What's wrong with this picture?  I didn't mean to, but she has the wrong finger up.  OH NO.  Here is the new revised version.  (Thank you Tommy for noticing).

Here are a bunch of them… 
I LOVE THE man.  
Wait, there's more.  

My aim is to have a match for each person.  Then you can mix and match them!  

This really is a fun project for me
I love to paint water and I love to pain sky. 
He's carrying a drink…For today's brewers and soda-ers. its all about the cool packaging.  In this instance, I am not saying what it is in the can, it could be soda…or…beer.  It's whatever.  I love to drink whatever.

I am going to post some more bathing beauties, hopefully, tomorrow!  Thanks for looking. 


Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Painting for Spicher and Company and the upcoming High Point, NC Furniture Market, Entry 1

Everything is coming up Apples! 

Its has been a while since I posted and maybe you thought I hung up my paint brush for a season, WRoNG! I am still at it.  Since the last time I posted, mid January, I have been busy painting trees, birds, apples, and bathing beauties.  I have some other things, too, that I have been working on but am not prepared to reveal it all at this time.    
Nothing like a good Apple 
They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away.  Well…I am not going to say either way.  HOWEVER,  It does seems like I did better when I was consuming apples.  But, hey, if you say what you are doing, then you have people say, that if it is not medically proven, don't say it. Ok.  I won't say it. 
I love this green. 
I decided that I needed red ones too.  So I  went to the store and bought a bunch of different apples.  Now, I am eating them again daily.  Dare I say it?? 

Before the background… 

There are so many varieties of apples.  I decided against labeling them.  If they have a label, then people want to know why you did not paint the apple that they eat.  
I always ate this variety…  

But now I eat this variety.  
What is your favorite apple?  I am hoping that people like these.  Everyone loves apples and desserts made from apples.  Thanks for looking.  If you are interested in these prints, they will be available to the trade in April.  Go to  


Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Saints

Painting some of our great Saints

Italian Fresco Style 
I didn't go to art school and so I just sort of came up with this description (Fresco Style) based on what I am trying to achieve as far as the finish is concerned.  Each Original in this series has a look that suggests that it was painted on a wall a long time ago.  I think The above image looks like Mary; however, it is supposed to be Saint Agnes.   For the sake of ease, here is my 'Master Key' (below).  

This was taken directly from Spicher and Co's website 

I actually painted these in December last year 2015, but have not had the opportunity to blog about them.  For those of you that are just tuning into my work, I paint for Spicher and Company as well as for a few miscellaneous events held throughout the year.  

I also (as I have time) sell some original, unique paintings on ETSY.  I don't have anything up right now.  At Spicher and Co., we sell to the trade.  If you are interested in something on this website, private message me.  I can get anything you might like!   

Here are a few more closeups of my 'Saints.' 
I think she is slightly blurry, sorry.  This is not a photo from the original. 
Why paint SAINTS?  Well, they have accomplished some pretty amazing things here in this life.  I felt that it would be a worthy subject matter! 
Joan of Arc

Saint Francis

St. Patrick 

I love his hand and the beautiful bird.   This reminds
me of Christmas. 

Thanks for taking the time to look at my artwork today.  

Kolene Spicher 

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Painting for Spicher and Co. High Point NC furniture Market Entry 3

Flocking Birds 

The Valleys are mantled with grain… 
If you have looked at Flocking Birds 1-3, you will see that they all hold a unique message.  The writing is not 'in your face' but rather a little subliminal.  That's my style.  I have always wanted my paintings to carry a message.  

This was the basic painting, minus the tree.
Excuse the wire, I later cut it off, annoying! 
So in painting this, I exaggerated the size of the wheat somewhat.  I wanted it to be obvious that it was not just yellow grass but rather some sort of grain.  

This is a bit blurry, but i water my tree to have a gnarly look to it.  After all, it is the only tree in the field.  I wanted it to stand out.  

There are many sayings painted into this painting.  The birds are suppose to be in the duck/geese family.  I don't know what birds they are…smile. 
It wasn't as important to me to know the bird variety, I was more interested in the formations that the birds create.  Can you see the tiny ones, top left of center?  

Some of the sayings are as follows: All the trees of the field will clap their hands; The mountains and the hills will burst into song before you, Unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone; The grasslands of the wilderness overflow, the hills are clothed with gladness; Let all the trees of the forest sing for Joy.  Finally, this is my favorite (very relevant for the days we live in,  too): He makes peace in your borders; He satisfies you with the finest of wheat. Ps 147:14.   

Here are the 4! 
All these paintings are one of a kind and unique.  They are featured in ANTIQUE frames.  I happen to like antiques.  If you would be interested in any of these in a new simple black frame, I can do that, too. 

Thanks for looking!