Thursday, August 9, 2018

Rufus Porter Mural in Connecticut by Pennsylvania artist Kolene Spicher

A Restful Place 

This was a very fun project.  The house was magnificent where I painted this mural.  

The first step was to create the finish.  When I say finish, I am talking about the surface and not the end product.  You can see the crackles and dabbling that occurred in the surface.  These marks were deliberate.  

Rufus Porter was known for his stylized trees.  I don't know if his were as crazy as mine, but hey.  I think this tree could exist.  

The flower pot is pretty stylized, as well.  I wanted to create a very primitive atmosphere but I wanted to update it to our current century.  I did this with colors that pop. 

The water was magical.  

Look at that tree!  And those boats! LOOK* at that tiger maple desk.  Everything was gorgeous.  

Speaking of gorgeous... 

I love to paint garden gates.  Do you see the fence along the water?  I think it, too, is magical. 

The wall adjoining the mural was painted a complementary color.  The warm tones in her furnishings really made this jump off the wall.  You really can get a great look without painting all four walls.  

Thanks for taking the time to look at this.  CURRENTLY, I am painting pottery to match this look!  I will be taking it and artwork, that is one of a kind and framed, to the #wiltonhistoricalsociety show that takes place the first weekend in November 2018.  

Here's a glimpse! 

Kolene E. Spicher