Friday, June 7, 2019

Pottery and different finishes by Kolene Spicher

Nautical Mugs with different finishes 

It has taken me some time to get this down.  I had a friend from the Harrisburg area that looked at me and said, "Pottery is humbling, isn't it!"  I couldn't agree more with her.  She's well past that humbling point in her career and is so talented.  She may or may not know how talented she is!  HAHA.  Anyways, about these mugs, I have two different types.  I finally found a clay body that was compatible with a darker clay body that will receive the slip (to paint on) that will not cause pinholes.  OMGOSH, too much info, not to mention the dozens of mugs I had to make to get it right.  Blah. 

These all look basically good, I would sell them.  They are pretty light and really there is only one visible flaw on them and it is the mug that is the third one in from the left.  It has a small crack that is surface only, meaning that the glaze went in and it sealed fast.  You can only see it on the inside and barely so because it didn't crack thru to the outside.  It is superficial.  

I included the hairline crack (that I repeat is superficial) just so that the potential buyer could buy being aware of it :)  

I am quite happy with the finish on these, and the colors are very vibrant.  The surface is entirely smooth.  The next set with the same images are thrown about the same size but the surface is flat and is meant to mimic salt glaze, but I didn't do that process.  I don't know if it is as good as the real deal, but it is the Kolene version.  I am basically an non-academic at this and it is quite daunting.  

I usually go for the shiny, but there's something I really love about this.  As my son and husband says, it reminds them of blue jeans.  I agree. 

You can really see the finish on the above cup.  Like I said, I really like it. Like the imagery, it has an old fashioned look to it.   It is deliberate and I intend (if well received) to do more.  

I adore whales... 

Here are the two finishes side by side.  

I also love how the blue from the inside slips onto the outside, a marrying of the two sides! 

Isn't the sponge gorgeous!??  

Which do you prefer?  I don't know how to get people to see this blog.  I do get some feedback but it needs updated and I am ready to try a different blog.  If someone has a suggestion which forum is better or best, please advise.  Happy Friday. 


Monday, April 22, 2019

Gallery Show City Folk

Gallery Show Inventory - May 2019 

City Folk Gallery 

Lancaster, PA 

 The following three paintings (below) are done in the genre of Rufus Porter and is a technique that I created whereby it appears to be an old piece of plaster wallpaper that has been carefully removed and mounted on board.  These three paintings would look lovely over a sofa or a bed.

Medium - Mixed Media of Acrylic, Pencil, and ink on Paper
Title and Size - FOLLOW THE WHALE 28 in x 22 in,
New Frame 

Medium - Mixed Media of Acrylic, Pencil, and Ink on Paper
Title and Size - THE SAILOR'S COVE 28 in x 22 in,
New Frame 

Medium - Mixed Media of Acrylic, Pencil, and Ink on Paper
Title and Size - THE WHALE SHOW 28 in x 22 in,
New Frame 

The following paintings are featured in one of a kind frames.  Each is large scaled and would look appropriate over a mantle, bed, or sofa, and are nautical in theme.  

Medium - Acrylic on Canvas
Title and Size -LET'S TAKE A WHALE RIDE 35 1/4 in x 29 1/4 in
New Gold Leaf distressed frame 

Medium - Acrylic on Canvas
Title and Size - HE WAS HERE FOR ONLY A MOMENT 35 in x 22 in
Antique frame from early 1900s walnut burl beautiful. 

I will have a mermaid painting as well as another ship painting with a captain.  These are not quite ready to show but are coming!  

I have a mixed batch of pottery, too.  I am not completely sure what I will be bringing but the pieces will be similar to what I have attached below. 

I hope that you enjoy! 

Best Regards, 
Kolene Spicher 

Monday, March 18, 2019

Pottery by Kolene Spicher

Lots of Pottery! 

I have been so busy lately and have not kept up with my blogging.  UGH.  Just too much to do.  I have some nice photographs of my latest work and will attempt to describe the process a bit.  As I have said, this is hard to do.  I have not decided differently. 

This is a ring dish.  I have chosen to keep it,  I absolutely adore it.  I love everything down to the crooked top. 

Another piece with my irregular top.  I call this my Black Forest edge.  
Sorry about the bandaid.  There was no way for me to eliminate it without retaking the picture.

The other side.  Some of the porcelain slip, slipped right off the trees.  I like this piece.  I am keeping it. 
The above piece is so sweet with the red house.  I love flowers and am always trying to make yet a BIGGER VASE.  My skill level is where it is.  I just need to keep practicing. This has a "black forest edge."

This is a salad bowl.  The finish is so pretty but it does have some crazing.  That is because one day I was too impatient to let the kiln cool to the proper temperature.  In my curiosity I peaked in.  I immediately heard the  K K K sound of cracking pottery.  Sure enough, crazing.  It's 'crazy' pretty but I don't know if it will worsen, so I have concerns  about selling it.  

This is a cereal bowl or ice-cream bowl.  It really makes you think spring, doesn't it  

This is a flower vase, it is a special order.  You cannot see it but it has a bird on top and if you look closely, you will see his eye.  He's all black.  We painted on this piece all the customer's favorite things.  I really love it.  Can you see her cats?

This is George and Martha Washington.  (Below is his wife.)  I love George Washington.  This little bowl is another ring bowl.  I have them all over my house because I was told by my jeweler that I am ruining my rings with their daily submersion into paint and clay.  I take them off now and have not lost one because I have these little ring bowls everywhere.

I am in love with polka dots and they are all over this piece.  In case it is not clear, the lady is on one side and George is on the other.

Wine Champ 

Before doing these, I didn't realize that they actually have a name, they call them champs.  HAHA.  someone said something about loving my champs.  I was like, what?  Now I know! They are extra large so as to fit even an oversized champagne bottle.  So much fun.  I love Nantucket. 

Everyone knows I am in love with anything nautical.  So there it is, a big platter with a ship.  I showed this before.  When I first started to paint pottery, one of my friends who does larger pieces, threw this for me to paint.  Again, I didn't sell it.  It isn't that I am not interested, but I don't have many shows scheduled.  I sell mostly on line.  I am so busy with my orders that I have, that I forget to post pictures of what is available.  

My favorite thing at the moment are these pair of lights.  What do you think?  I love winter.  (In art) 

I am working on wiring them and having a custom gingham shade made for each.  They are really pretty and the finish is right on! 

More George... 

This year, I want to visit Mount Vernon.  My renewed interest in George Washington really makes me feel that I have come full circle.  Some of my first artwork 30 years ago was all about George Washington.  I made Fraktur art of his image.  It seems like so long ago, yet it went so very fast. 

I use these pieces for small flowers or for ice water.  They could even be used for coffee or tea, but I think that without a handle your hands would become too hot.  

This is the back side of the above Geoge Washington jar.  It is chock full of George Facts. 

Martha.  Fun top. 

These (and others) are being packed away for my next show, whenever that is. 

These mermaid mugs have been very popular.  I have them all sold :) 

I am still working on Black Sheep mugs.  I have an order for as many as I can do, LOL.  I am sure there is a cap, but you know what I mean. 

I love that shelf holding my black sheep mugs.  This comes from Pottery Barn! 

A closeup! 

I enjoy doing these black sheep creations.  Here is my favorite flower vase with  the black sheep logo.  BTW, my husband claims that he is the black sheep, hmm. 

Finally, here is a Ginger Jar that I made with a small portrait on it.  It is sold but I wanted to post it because it is precious. 

And here is the lid...

That is it, folks.  I do have more in the kiln, yeah.  Tomorrow morning, I get to open it up! (but not before it has cooled, no more cracks!). 

Thanks for tuning in!