Friday, June 7, 2019

Pottery and different finishes by Kolene Spicher

Nautical Mugs with different finishes 

It has taken me some time to get this down.  I had a friend from the Harrisburg area that looked at me and said, "Pottery is humbling, isn't it!"  I couldn't agree more with her.  She's well past that humbling point in her career and is so talented.  She may or may not know how talented she is!  HAHA.  Anyways, about these mugs, I have two different types.  I finally found a clay body that was compatible with a darker clay body that will receive the slip (to paint on) that will not cause pinholes.  OMGOSH, too much info, not to mention the dozens of mugs I had to make to get it right.  Blah. 

These all look basically good, I would sell them.  They are pretty light and really there is only one visible flaw on them and it is the mug that is the third one in from the left.  It has a small crack that is surface only, meaning that the glaze went in and it sealed fast.  You can only see it on the inside and barely so because it didn't crack thru to the outside.  It is superficial.  

I included the hairline crack (that I repeat is superficial) just so that the potential buyer could buy being aware of it :)  

I am quite happy with the finish on these, and the colors are very vibrant.  The surface is entirely smooth.  The next set with the same images are thrown about the same size but the surface is flat and is meant to mimic salt glaze, but I didn't do that process.  I don't know if it is as good as the real deal, but it is the Kolene version.  I am basically an non-academic at this and it is quite daunting.  

I usually go for the shiny, but there's something I really love about this.  As my son and husband says, it reminds them of blue jeans.  I agree. 

You can really see the finish on the above cup.  Like I said, I really like it. Like the imagery, it has an old fashioned look to it.   It is deliberate and I intend (if well received) to do more.  

I adore whales... 

Here are the two finishes side by side.  

I also love how the blue from the inside slips onto the outside, a marrying of the two sides! 

Isn't the sponge gorgeous!??  

Which do you prefer?  I don't know how to get people to see this blog.  I do get some feedback but it needs updated and I am ready to try a different blog.  If someone has a suggestion which forum is better or best, please advise.  Happy Friday. 


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