Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Saints

Painting some of our great Saints

Italian Fresco Style 
I didn't go to art school and so I just sort of came up with this description (Fresco Style) based on what I am trying to achieve as far as the finish is concerned.  Each Original in this series has a look that suggests that it was painted on a wall a long time ago.  I think The above image looks like Mary; however, it is supposed to be Saint Agnes.   For the sake of ease, here is my 'Master Key' (below).  

This was taken directly from Spicher and Co's website 

I actually painted these in December last year 2015, but have not had the opportunity to blog about them.  For those of you that are just tuning into my work, I paint for Spicher and Company as well as for a few miscellaneous events held throughout the year.  

I also (as I have time) sell some original, unique paintings on ETSY.  I don't have anything up right now.  At Spicher and Co., we sell to the trade.  If you are interested in something on this website, private message me.  I can get anything you might like!   

Here are a few more closeups of my 'Saints.' 
I think she is slightly blurry, sorry.  This is not a photo from the original. 
Why paint SAINTS?  Well, they have accomplished some pretty amazing things here in this life.  I felt that it would be a worthy subject matter! 
Joan of Arc

Saint Francis

St. Patrick 

I love his hand and the beautiful bird.   This reminds
me of Christmas. 

Thanks for taking the time to look at my artwork today.  

Kolene Spicher 


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