Thursday, November 13, 2014

A Pilgrim's Thanksgiving

Mermaid meets Pilgrim
Pilgrim meets Indian
They all celebrate!

The background photographed much brighter than it should have but I wanted you to see the rich colors of the painting, itself!  
This painting is a little brighter than I usually paint!  I am trying to add a little more 'PUNCH' to the canvas, as they say.   I don't know who said that, but you get the idea.  

This is a little more shaded than the original.  The colors are more like Picture Lettered (B) below. 
This painting was shipped this afternoon to Nantucket Country, 38 Centre Street, Nantucket MASS.  She should have it in a few days, but if you want it, you should call her.  It won't stay long.   It is painted on masonite board and has a flat varnished finish.  The colors are very vibrant and the picture is full of action and imagination.  Things I love about this are the branches that have lost their leaves.  This detail catches my eye. I also like the plaid cloth laying on the Trestle styled table.    I like how the trees come together at the top as if they are clapping and rejoicing.  My favorite mermaid is the one on the far left.

The lady pilgrim is very funny because she is actually a mermaid. Look under the table.   She is looking lovingly at the Indian to the far left of the canvas.  In fact, I think all the mermaids are stuck on the Indians.

Look how sweet the mermaid is positioned underneath the right tree (above Letter (B)).  If you take a closer look, you will see her heart carved in the tree.   The girl to the left of the sitting Indian looks really put off by her outfit.  I think it's all funny, though.  Let's all laugh.
I love this shot and the mermaid standing beside the pumpkin pie, she's thinking, I could roll this across the table.  I had to paint it that way, though, because number 1, it's funny.  Number 2, I wanted to be certain that it was obvious that it was a pumpkin pie.

Lastly, There is the Mayflower.  We had to have that in the picture, for sure!  I hope you enjoy this painting.  I am getting ready to post another THANKSGIVING MERMAID PAINTING.  Watch for it in a few moments.  I am posting it today.  I painted these both literally side by side.  :)


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