Friday, November 7, 2014

Ship Scene - 4th of July


This is a print.  I sent the original to Nantucket a long time ago.  Today I was going thru some more things and came across this.  I thought it was so neat.  The frame that you see is one that we HAND MADE at Spicher and co.  Anyone that knows Mark (My husband) knows that he is an amazing carpenter and designer (forgive me the small brag…).  It is as much a one of a kind piece as anything because there are only so many of these frames around.  A small number of them…too expensive to manufacture.  Take a look at the painting.  

We present a parade of ships for the 4th! 
In Annapolis each December, they have a parade of ships that go up Spa Creek.  I haven't had the luxury to see this but hear that it's amazing.  This 'Parade of Ships' was inspired by a NEW ENGLAND port.  I can't remember which one…sigh.

Another view of the frame-30x17x4" 
Like the mermaid painting that I posted about, this frame 'self stands,' making it usable on top of a dresser.  See Mermaid post -

For sale on ETSY

Like the MERMAID above, this will be for sale on ETSY.  Keep in mind 'The 4th of July parade of Ships' is a PRINT.

Thanks for looking! 

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