Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Sailor Boy with his Navigational Book

More Nautical 
I Love Nautical. 

Can you tell that I love the ocean?  I have decorated more beach homes than I can shake a stick at!  Unfortunately, none of them are mine! Most of the time, the customer buys an nautical print (www.

I love sailors.   

Here's a few sailors that I have painted.  Both of these are available to buy. 
 The boy is my favorite.  I love the frame on it, too.  I bought it in Ocean City, NJ.  That makes it even better, in my humble opinion.  The guy to the right (actually a ship captain) was inspired by a painting that I looked at a while back at a little museum in Carlisle, PA called the Carlisle Historical Society.  They have a neat gift shop, too.  Anyways, they had a painting on display and her name was Martha Stewart (Stuart).  She wore dark blue sunglasses, and yes, she was painted a century or more ago.  The sun was out then, too.   I call him Captain Stuart.  HA. 

If you are interested in either of these, leave a message!


Cindy Snyder said...

Very usual. I hope you had a great show. I really wanted to come, but things didn't work out.

Kolenespicher said...

The show went really well. I picked up many new customers, which was encouraging. Some of them were young, too. This means there is hope for folk art!! Recently, I was walking thru the mall and noticed that The Limited has folkart paintings in there display! I thought this was very cool!