Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Kolene Spicher original painting of a lady from the 19th Century Regency era -For my love

For My Love 

An original Silhouette Painting of a Lady in red


I think that I have as much fun taking pictures of my artwork as I do actually painting it.  This wonderful french book that I photographed the original on was recently purchased while away in Atlanta.  I really love the book.  I think the silhouette looks outstanding on it, too.  I have made cards of this that look JUST LIKE THIS above picture, if you are interested.  Let me know. 

Here she is framed.  I love the contrasting blues of the books and the stripes.  Wow, if I had a room with stripes and jewel tones like this, I would have so much fun with my artwork and a camera.  

The sides of this are just beautiful. 

The back of these Italian frames are very nicely assembled.  I really like the beautiful paper.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, they are hand made, too. 

Finally, here is another shot of this little miniature.  You can also look at it on ETSY.  It is for sale on my ETSY store KOLENESPICHER.  



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