Sunday, February 8, 2015

Kolene Spicher Portrait of a Little Girl in Blue from 19th Century Regency Era, Georgian Style

Little Girl Blue

I love the details in this sweet dress as well as the distressing that shows on the side of the original (Carefully look directly above inside the edge of the frame itself).  I carefully placed this painting on top of another piece of art.  The backdrop is frenchy cursive that is very watery looking.  The focus is suppose to be the 
young girl.  

This was taken in daylight under natural light.  The drape and silhouette forms in the background are really something that I enjoy doing.  I like to see lots of contrast.  I also like the details in the water.  

I love the way the dark black lines draw your eye to the ship in the background with the dark lines of the ropes. 

The ship painting in the background is one of my favorite paintings that I own.  I have had it resting on the mantle in in kitchen for about 10 years.  
4" x 6" wide is the painting itself.

Just look at the detail on these frames.  LOVE the paper.  This frame, like the painting, is 100-percent handmade in Italy.  The leafing is gorgeous.  


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