Thursday, May 29, 2014

Ship Painting Petite!


Today, I decided that this little guy deserved some attention.  The painting itself is very small but the scroll work measures in around 14" high.  I was inspired to put it in this frame from a very important piece of cut paper art that I found!  I will try to include a picture of this very soon.  I have to find it!  
This piece is self standing with a very clever back.  I love it with my antiques. 

The back has a little stand that was built into it.  You can tell by the top of this that it was hand cut with some sort of scroll or band saw.  It is very neat up and close. 

See the imperfection? 

Here's a shot of the backside.  It's just as clever! I LOVE the details that were put into the stand itself.  I love that someone loved to make folk art and I had to have this frame when I seen it! As I said, it reminds me of cut paper. Scharenschnitte is what it's called and I know it's not spelled correctly.  Sorry. 

In order to really see the detail on this frame, I felt like I needed to have it standing on a white background.  Take a look at this, it's for sale on my Etsy page!

Thanks for looking! 


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