Tuesday, January 13, 2015

19th Century Style Portrait of Young Girl with Dog

My Cup Runneth Over 

This is a painting about a girl with her dog.  As I was drawing 
her, I decided, at the last minute, to put a cup in her
hand.  It was as if, she was feeding her little
guy out of her plenty.  

There is a scripture in the 23rd Psalm that talks about God 'Anointing our heads with oil; Our cup runneth over… '   Even 
when life is hard, God provides.  Out of this fullness
we can give to others. 

This was the inspiration for this piece. 

I love how the puppy jumps up on her dress.  

We have two dogs here where I live.  Both of them jump for joy when we walk into the room.  They depend on us to love them and feed them and bathe them.  We do this out of duty but we are motivated by love.  
The ship without sails suggests permanency 
All of my paintings have water in them.  I just love the water and when it's not there, I feel like I need to add it.  I think it really
contributes to the overall beauty of this painting.  I like 
the splash of 'blue.' 
The landscapes around this, I will blog about soon
This painting is long and thin.  It measures

7 1/2" x 12 1/2"
Very Antique frame with old waaavy glass! 

I am going to be putting her on Etsy unless someone 

messages me first! 


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