Thursday, September 28, 2017

Mermaid Beach Scenes by Kolene Spicher Pennsylvania Artist

Shelling, Eating, Swimming, Fishing, Watching, Strolling 

Things Mermaids Do on the Beach 
All in old Currier and Ives Frames 
I had a mess of old Currier Ives Frames and thought what can I do with these nice old frames? 

I thought to myself MERMAID SCENES! 
Each of these are about things
that one would do on the beach.  Wouldn't 
this be a fun series for your new beach


Each of these were drawn out in pencil.  They 
each contains similar colors and expressions.  

I love the fishing one.  I have never caught a fish on the beach.  This is not because I haven't tried, by the way! Ha. 


I really love the mermaid holding the flowers, too. 

Eating Watermelon on the beach is always fun! 
What do you like to eat on the beach?  Whatever it is, hold it close to your person, as the birds are always watching! 


My favorite thing to do on the beach is walking and looking for shells.  I love to use them in artwork and many times the shells in my art were found on the beach!  I seldom buy them. 

Some of my favorite colors...

I love to swim on the beach, too.  Flying kites is always fun, too.  What is your favorite activity on the beach, maybe it is sunbathing! 

If you want an invite to the Wilton Show that is coming up, let me know!  I am dong this show and have already mailed the flyers out, but I can get more! Wilton Show

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