Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Flocking Birds - Painting No. 3


The Linear flight formations of migratory birds  are called ECHELONS. 

A famous philosopher once said that Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.  I really liked this, and for me it rings true.  

Vision inspires me on a daily basis.  It keeps me going; vision helps me believe that I have hope, that things can improve, that I am well… This is a very important subject to me.  Many people reading this know that I have struggled with ovarian cancer much of my adult life.  

Did you know that your vision defines who you become?

Vision is VITAL 

Recently,  it occurred to me that MY vision for MY future is what enables me to have joy in MY today.  I must believe that I am well, even when my body tries to say otherwise.  It is the art of seeing what is invisible.  This is truly the essence of Faith.   
A little blue, a little black, a little green…and WALA! they all go well together! 

One must believe that behind the darkness, there is a dawn.  Not only does this dawn create light, but it defines the darkness creating forms of beauty.  A silhouette begins to  form.  In a nutshell, this  is what my Flocking Birds series is about.  
This was Flocking Birds No. 1 

I am one of those people that happen to believe that the birds hold wisdom, little truths that are lost to those who do not take the time to watch them.   At night, you cannot see the birds, but  You still believe that they are there because you may hear them.  At the break of dawn, they start to sing.  The light hits them and something beautiful unfolds.   
Flocking Bird No. 3
This one has the quotes written in the grass 

Like the other two paintings, Vision has little sentences written in the grass and on the branches and in the sky.  Each sentence holds a truth about VISION. 

Vision Quotes on Branches 

Thanks for taking the time to look at my artwork and listen to my story. :) 


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Unknown said...

Kolene...so beautiful in the entirety of the thoughts that bring life to the birds & were lain in the branches. Love hearing that amazing person who has such depth. As the mistro would say...play on!