Friday, January 8, 2016

Flocking Birds, Painting 2

Birds of a feather...
Number 2 
I am having some fun with this.  Now, I just need to find some unusual and beautifully shaped trees for No. 3. 

Instead of Scripture, this one has a bunch of "BIRD sayings" written in the grass
I am currently in love with vintage and antique lemon gold frames.  I found this one recently with a mirror in it and quickly tore it apart for this painting.  I like how the sayings are written in the grass.  One thing that I am really enjoying painting are the horizons.  If you look at Flocking Birds, post 2, painting 1, you will see a different horizon in that painting.  I love the blue mountains.  

You can see that this painting is somewhat smaller than the first.  However,  They go very nicely together.  

Each saying is different from the other and is about a bird and some truth that a bird holds.  People love birds.  There are many bird groups (people that study birds).  Ornithology the technical name and is a branch of zoology that concerns itself with the study of birds.  

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