Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Rufus Porter Styled Primitive Landscape by Kolene Spicher

This photographed a bit darker than original
I love to paint in this genre'.  To me, it is fun and whimsical and so unlike everything else that is out there.  I love the individual characteristics that this painting --not only with the surface but also with the colors and tones. It is acrylic paint on my "RETRIEVED WALLPAPER" surface.  You can check out my other posts.  I have many paintings on this surface that I invented to create that primitive antique look  (THAT I LOVE).

I have named this painting Solitude because there is only one person painted into the landscape.  Although, we are never alone, sometimes we discover things about life and beauty when we take the time to walk outside and enjoy creation.  There's nobody to talk to, leaving us to appreciate the beauty of nature.  

This is painted the exact same size as the train landscape that I just posted!  They will be framed the same, too!  

These and all others will be taken to my show in Wilton, Connecticut.  


If you get the chance and happen to live in or near NEW YORK CITY, why not take your Saturday and head to Wilton for a day trip?  There are two shows going on simultaneously.  The other is in Ridgefield, CT and is fabulous, too! 

Enjoy and thanks for looking! 

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