Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Rufus Porter style landscape

Stylized Train Scene 

A reproduction from the mid 1800s ~ 1835-40

As I have said before, I really love the mid-19th century, specifically primitives.  

A little about  myself, I live near one of the biggest train yards in the north east. I love hearing the "clangs and bangs" of the cars as they hit one another, connecting one train to the next.  To me that is the noise of commerce and prosperity.  

Recently, I was looking thru one of my old folk art books and noticed a primitive painting of a train scene.  It was actually an old sign for a hotel, New Hampshire.  I LOVED IT and thought it would make a neat painting ~Kolene Style!! 

Things that stand out to me, the red!  Also, you should see all the wonderful cracks on this painting.  To me it looks like it was pealed from a wall.  This is what I call my RETRIEVED Wallpaper look.  

In the original painting from the 1830s, there was some very large prominent lettering across the bottom.  While I liked this, I didn't want to do an exact reproduction.  My trees and coloring are painted differently, yet it has the same look.  

The resolution is a little off on these.  I think it is because they were photographed in the evening.  This is always a bad thing.  The lighting is not great and making it difficult to get the clarity, even with an Apple IPHONE!! 

The frame material didn't arrive as of yet, so I cannot include what the finished product will look like. The frame has a burl look to it.  The piece will have a museum look (hopefully) when it is finished.  I plan on floating the mat.  

Before the Frame 


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