Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Step 1 of Winter Scape painting by Kolene Spicher

The Development of a Winter Scene Painting 

(If you live in the Wilton, Connecticut area, this painting is being developed for a show at the Wilton Historical Society on November 6-8, 2015 ~ read about it at

**There are two shows going on simultaneous to one another this November 6-8, 2015 weekend.  They are both in the same genre and share the same collector base.  I am at the show affiliated with the WILTON HISTORICAL SOCIETY on Danbury Road, Wilton CT.  This is their 30th year.  

I don't have any real direction for this painting as of yet.  It will end up falling into a category that might be in-between my mermaid scenes and that Rufus Porter look.  I cannot decide if I will include mermaids or just have it about people.  I don't have any clear cut direction as of yet!  I am just painting.  This is day 2.  

I painted in a few people in the background! 

The houses get larger as they come to the forefront.  I happen to really love the contrast of red houses with snowfall. 

I always paint from top to bottom and back to front! 
Today, I plan on sketching in and painting the sleigh.  I always have a sleigh.  Normally, I have ice skaters, too.  We shall see!  Tune back tomorrow to see the unfolding of this piece! 

Although you might not realize it, This is a larger painting.  I am not sure that this translates in the photographs.  LOTS MORE TO DO! 


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