Friday, October 2, 2015

Kolene Spicher Whimsical Landscape Original

Folk Stage
Dancing with the Stars! 
I am taking this to the American Artisan Show in Wilton Connecticut November 6-8, 2015.  You can read about it at

I have had this done for a little while but have kept forgetting to blog about it!  This is a really sweet original that has some considerable size to it!  I found this wonderful warm pine frame and thought that it would be fun to paint a  festive landscape inside of it.  This particular piece has the feel of some of my older work but it is fun and has a lightness to it that my previous landscapes (that were whimsical) did not have.  I don't know if that makes sense.  That's how I see it!

The stars and the characters dancing remind me of the show (tongue in cheek) DANCING WITH THE STARS.  The sky is dark and the moon shines, the stars peak thru the clouds!  These people are truly dancing with the stars.

THE folky writing is really fun and carefree 
I would have to say that the grass photographed a tad brighter than the original.  I love the guy with the harmonica.  The black tree against the green grass really stands out.  

The girl in the green dress is singing, too.  That is one reason that I have Folk Stage worked into the title of the piece.  

I really took my time with the house.  I wanted it to be a little more plumb and exact than some of my previous art!  My dad always likes to tease me that my buildings lean.  He is a retired builder!  It isn't about painting the same style over and over, it's about learning new styles and learning new techniques.  

This is a bit dark, but here it is over my kitchen mantle!  


Here it is in its entirety!  This is behind glass and was painted with acrylic paint!  

Thanks for looking!  

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