Thursday, October 8, 2015

Step 2 of Winter Scape painting by Kolene Spicher

 Gathering for the Christmas Day Parade

Step 2 of "Winter Scene" for the Wilton Historical's American Artisan Show - November 6-8, 2015

After i painted in the houses, I moved to the sleigh
Everyone likes a good parade!  This painting will pull you into the world of make-believe.  You can't help but wonder where the people came from, did they come from one of the houses?  I couldn't help but put the ladies in the back seat of the sleigh.  When we go out with another couple, I always find myself in the back seat with a good friend.  I prefer it.  We can talk and laugh and have the same things in common.  

I love the little girls dressed in blue and pink.  There's a good dad for you, too, taking them to the parade! 

I love the little sled beside the right tree.  
The medium on this piece is acrylic on my special hand-made canvas.  The crackles that are created by my 'process' create a unique one of a kind look.  

I  like this little tree in the forefront.  Why?  Well, it suggests that they care enough to plant trees.  If a tree passes, it is transformed (hopefully) into something useful.  It will need replaced.  To me it speaks of new beginnings. 

Gathering for the Christmas Day Parade 
I think the mermaids are a good addition.  Truthfully, I started off with just 'people' but then thought, NO, I need some fish.  How about the two best friends right center? 

Love the steeple 
All good landscapes need a church and a steeple.  Imagine the bells ringing.  I always though that Paintings are  like adult storybooks.  Think about it! 

This is a beautiful example of an antique victorian frame.  I really love the details on this frame.  It is in sturdy good condition, too, and comes complete with a wonderful piece of wavy glass!  I think I will need to mat this, as it is a tad small (the painting).  White or black mat? 

Thanks so much for looking 
Goodbye for now! 

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