Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Moby Dick depicted by Pennsylvania Artist Kolene Spicher

Ahab Seeks Revenge

A Nantucket looking Painting 

His Name was Ahab and he lost his leg one day
while being stoved by this great white whale... 
Recently,  I was sitting waiting on an appointment for a test.  I waited and waited and then decided that I needed to illustrate while I waited.  Might as well make some money whilst I sat!   To my delight, there were some markers and paper designed to entertain children laying on my right.  I guess I am still a girl at heart!    While I sat, I also noticed that there was a trailer for a 2015 Moby Dick movie which was directed by Ron Howard.  This caught my interest and was my inspiration.  I like Ron Howard, Happy Days.  Anyways, I updated old Moby and Ahab, I gave him my signature polka dotted hat and put a smile of sorts on that old whale.  The bird is for fun  and so is the fish.  The book tells what Ahab was thinking.

Upon arriving home, I went into my storage area and found this yummy looking period lemon gold  frame.  YES, that will be my choice.  I love the way the golds and the blues work together.  I am using up some of my favorite frames that I have been hoarding.  

Here's another yummy antique frame that I recently picked up.  I love the watercolor tones in this piece.  Both Ahab and this ship are available for purchase.  Message me if you are interested.  

The whale at the bottom is sold, but I thought it would be fun to show you what I have been working on since getting home from Wilton, CT.  The show was amazing and I thank all my wonderful customers that came out and supported my efforts.  

Back to Ahab... 

The photo is a little dark but here it is in its entirety.  

The story line goes as follows.  Ahab's ship was stoved by this aggressive angry white whale.  During this process, Ahab loses his leg.  Bad news for everyone.  Ahab is vindictive and stubborn  just like that ole whale.  He's going after it!  He's going to avenge his leg.  That whale, come Hell or high water, is going down!  LOL.

"I know not all that may be coming but be it what it will.  I will go to it laughing.  It is not down on any map,
 these places never are!"
These sentences are cumbersome and problematic.  Even as I proofread it, I want to change the wording, but it is what he said.  So be it!  I love this storyline.  I always have been fascinated with whales.  Such a glorious large monster that mysteriously roams the seas.  Aren't we fortunate to still have these creatures?


Kolene Spicher 


Christine Crocker said...

oh my goodness...Captain Ahab has my heart...
his dotted top hat and that white whale..

yours kindly,

Kolenespicher said...

Dear Christine! Thanks so much for your nice comments over the years. You are so sweet. I am glad you love AHAB. I think he is very fun and that spotted hat speaks to me too!