Monday, October 29, 2018

Donation to Wilton Historical Society, 2018

Happy Whale 
by Pennsylvania Artist 
Kolene Spicher 

The shipshape in the birds' eye piece front and center is what I chose this year to donate to the Wilton Historical Society's American Artisan Show fundraising event.  

Each year we pick a piece to donate because let's face it, preserving our history is important and this society does a lot of good in their community.  I am happy to be involved with this event.  

This frame is a sweet one.  It has some age, and I believe it is an antique but barely.  Some of my frames are really old, 19th century, this one is probably 50 years old.  

The ship is watercolor in technique and there is a little pen and pencil work in there,  too.  It is carefully antiqued and the paper is thin like rice.  

I like to photograph my work with other pieces of my work.  My art will all hang well together.  I generally paint with a similar palette.
Thanks for taking the time to look today.  If you can make it to the show, it will be wonderful.  It starts Thursday evening, November 1, 2018 at 6:30.  The opening night is a fund raiser and is $125 a ticket.  This piece will be auctioned off at that event.  If you can't pay that price tag, please consider coming on Friday and/or Saturday.  The gate is $10.  It is held at the Wilton, Ct Historical society, Wilton, CT.  


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