Tuesday, May 22, 2018

19th Century Reproduction Whale in Gold Oval Ornate frame and Whaling Ceramics by Kolene Spicher Pennsylvania Artist

Happy Whale with Happy Tail and
Whaling Ceramics! 

I decided today that I would post my whaling art along with my ceramics that I made to compliment my latest whale painting.  The painting is a one of a kind original in an old yummy distressed antique frame.  

The artwork speaks for itself.  All is painted with love and is UNRUSHED.  I want to enjoy my work.  I want people to feel the love that goes into what I make :) 

I made this a square cup.  It was deliberate and on purpose and I bravely took two  books and smashed the four corners.  I don't even know if that is correct.  But it's KORRECT Kolene.  

I will always love silhouettes. 

You can't see it because this is unbisqued, but the ship sails will be white and in between grey/tan.  

The Whalers! 

I haven't done it yet, but I intend to clean up that handle.  See Handles are my nemesis.  I couldn't even spell this word.  I Had to look the spelling up, but the definition remains accurate.  I struggle with handles.  I will conqueror them.  They can't be harder than _____.  

Big fat handle you will fire perfect!!! You will appear thin and be strong.  LOL

Pottery is fun.  You have to be brave to do anything exceptional.  I am trying to be brave and think out of the box.  Give me time.  

K. Spicher 

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