Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Carved Pottery by Kolene Spicher

Tree trunks, birds, ships by the sea 

Both of these pieces have been scratched or carved.  The bottom one was an early piece.  I actually like this little sheep mug.  It is not worthy of selling but I like it and intend to use it if not to drink out of to paint out of LOL.  

I am not sure how I will paint this one  It is one of many pieces that is sitting on my studio shelf.  I just look at it as it is drying and I say,  hmmm.  What should I do with this??  LOL, I have no idea but I will know one day.  It will tell me.  

This is a vase that fell.  I thought to myself, I am going to carve the heaviness and ugliness away.  I am going to perform plastic surgery on this baby and what others would trash, I will improve and help and make something beautiful with it.  Will it work?  It just might.  Tune in and see.  

I love squirrels but not in my house.  This is as close as it will get.  

I liked how when you sight across this you see a ship painted on the inside.  Don't judge the painting yet, it has to be fired and will look different.  I am hoping it will look better.  I have NO clue what it will look like after it is fired.    

Along the sea.  I named it.  If you have ever been to Nantucket, you will know that in the spring there are 1,000s of daffodils.  

 So Bloom where you are planted. 

K. Spicher 

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