Tuesday, May 22, 2018

New *POTTERY and artwork - FLOWERS - for Atlantasmart Summer 2018 by Kolene Spicher for Spicher and Co

Flower MUGS and Artwork 

Made with Love 

I have been behind.  

So let's start with the thing I finished LAST.  That way, hopefully, I can reconstruct my days.  Seriously, I need to number my days so that I can keep them straight and spend them correctly.  I really try to juggle the family with my work and fun.  I am not the most organized person and at times it's tough for me, BECAUSE of this.  Pottery has helped me because I am for the first time in about 25 years around other people when I create.  I am thankful for Audra.  She is a very industrious lady that co-runs and owns a clay studio that is local to me.  From this point forward, let it be understood that this is a process of learning for me.  What you see may not be perfect but it is heartfelt and sincere.  

This is to compliment my latest artwork for Spicher and Co.  I am NOT mass producing anything  of pottery.  These will remain one of a kind pieces :) 

I am learning that  'handles' are not so easy to make.  In reality, handles have the power to ruin
a cup, just like a frame a painting. 

I scratched some detail into this cup after it was painted.  The scratch lines will be white.  This will be more obvious after firing.
Painting pottery is funny.  What you see is not what you get, unlike picture painting.  There's so much guess work in this.  I paint in faith that it will turn out, but like life, once this baby hits the fire, it's anyone's guess what it will look like.  My most rewarding days in pottery are when I get something back that I love.  So far, this hasn't been a lot.  I have high standards, LOL.  Let it be said, I AM enjoying the process of learning as long as I am still learning!!

I will be painting about 12 of these.  All of them will be the same colors choices but with differences in the shapes of the flowers and vases and polkadots.  Because they are hand painted, the color values will vary.  

Thanks for Looking today.  I may try to attend Atlanta in July 2018.  Time will tell.  


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