Monday, April 2, 2018

Apple Mug

Eat Apples Daily 
A functional and decorative mug
by Kolene Spicher 

Can you help me find my missing apples? 

The bottom was heavy...sigh, I am a beginner!  
This little mug isn't so little.  It's heavy too, but it is so cute.  I am thinking that it will turn out A-ok once it's fired.  Will survive the fire?  I believe! 

Is it me or does she look like she is wearing a beehive?  I think we will call her Beehive lady! 

The colors are rich on this, and not garish!  I will post more once it's fired! 
Here are my missing apples!  
Like all my art, this too is meant to be interactive.  I want people to look at this stuff and be curious, what's the message?? 
The vote is out on the inside being blue...I might just hate it.  We shall see.  


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