Monday, April 2, 2018

Bird Mermaid Platter by Kolene Spicher

Showing off her bird-catching skills 
A Kolene Spicher Mermaid Pottery Piece 

Hand Building Pottery 

I have made some progress with my platter since I last posted.  The colors on this piece are beginning to POP as the clay is drying out in preparation to Bisque Firing.  

The edge of this piece was designed to look like coral.  I think it has this look, too, but I don't know for certain what this will look like once it is Bisque Fired. 

I decided to add the curtain because it gives it a good pop of color.  The water is textured and many shades of BLUE will stick out once fired. 

I am really loving this whole process.  I am going to be making many more of this sort of thing.  As I learn more about the clay, I am leaning more toward the hand-building process.  I am also learning to throw on the wheel, too.  


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