Thursday, March 23, 2017

Kolene Spicher original painting Whale and fisherman

His Finest Catch 

And maybe his greatest hour.
A whale of a fish! 
I love to tell a story.  True or false, it's just fun.  Today, I present my little original painting, His Finest Catch.  The size overall is 6.75"x 13.5" and I am selling it on ETSY for $525, plus shipping.  

Here are some additional pictures of this fine little painting.  By the way, I present these pictures from beginning to end and also show it hanging in various places throughout my studio so you can get the feel for size and color.  This painting was carefully antiqued at the end so as to not rob the painting of the richness of its color. 

I started out with a drawing.  
I don't know how to explain it but I go from front to back.  I start at the base (many times) of the painting and sort of work my way into the distance.  

As many small paintings usually will display well on a shelf or in a cabinet, this one is no different.  I love it displayed with my items from the sea and other nautical things.  

I wouldn't say the frame is anything really unique.  It is just a simple gold frame with great old glass which I didn't photograph because it keeps a constant glare on the painting and makes it difficult to capture the details.  

Finally, here it is with some of my other paintings so that you can see that it will blend well with my other work if you are deciding to add this to your collection. 

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