Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Kolene Spicher Original Painting, He was an Oxford Man

The Man on a Prestigious  Horse

This was one of those paintings that I thought I would never complete.  I kept setting it aside for other jobs, even though I loved it.  I had about three different titles on it, one of which was entirely incorrect in its usage of the word.  Oh My, It's good that I have a day job that doesn't involve grammar and spelling.  People at Spicher and Co would say, "Amen" to that. 

As I painted this gentleman, I kept thinking that he looked...important.  Where was he going?  Where did he come from.  I just couldn't decide.  Was he a lawyer?  Maybe.  Could he be a doctor?  No, he didn't look like he was in a hurry.  Then it hit me, he was an Oxford man, whatever that means, I don't care, I like it.  

The frame is a bit beat up but it adds character to the piece.  The liner itself is in good condition. 
The little town in the background added the color that this painting craved.  

I seem to have a certain repeated attraction for distinguished looking gentlemen.  I love horses and farm animals, too, and think they make great subject matter.  

The outside dimensions on this are 18 1/4 x 16"
This is a nice size for just sticking it somewhere, not too large and not too small. 
I love the color tones, too.  It has a mysteriousness to it but with the light background and rich red houses, the painting seems bright.    I am going to put it on ETSY but will let it hang for now beneath my favorite ship painting.  They look great together.  Here is a full shot of the ship... 


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Christine Crocker said...

oh my, he is quite regal in his manner.
Beautiful, Kolene.