Friday, February 17, 2017

Kolene Spicher Original Dog Portraits, Post 4

The Dogs of Facebook 

Dachshunds, Maltese, Boxer, 
and the French Bulldog

The Boxer from Marysville 
I am having too much fun with this.  I hate to tell you this if you are waiting for folk art, but this post is all about dogs.  They keep pouring into my Facebook page, and so I continue to paint them.  

As I said, they will be available thru Spicher and Company mid April, 2017.  

If you are really sharp, you will notice that I did some changes to some of these posts above.  
Some changes ~ My Bernise Mountain dog, lower right corner, did not have a collar on.  I added this bright red collar and I happen to thing he's precious.  His name is Gipper and he is from Lancaster.  

My girlfriend really wanted a heart added to her Greyhound.  You will see Wobbie or Wubbie or whatever front and left of center.  

These are brother and sister Dachshunds, again straight from someone who contacted me
thru Facebook. 

Here are the Facebook Dachshunds that were the models
I am not certain what type of dog this little white pup might be.   My girlfriend who know a lot said that she thinks it is a Maltese.  

One dog that is really precious and I love is the French Bulldog.  Again, Facebook

French Bulldog

I happen to think that this dog turned out really well.  I just like him, and I am in love with black and white!  So there you have it, in love.  

You can see the likeness on this one.  Of course I added the bell.  
According to my same friend, the boxer and the French Bulldog (as well as the Boston Terrier) are all descendants from a bull dog type dog called Bullenbeisser from Germany.  She says it was a fiercely strong dog with a jaw that would hold wild boars and bulls by the nose while the huntsman shot them.  This required extreme tenacity, fearlessness, and super strong jaw muscles.  Of course, now they are all tamed down to be less aggressive (hopefully), except for some Pit Bulls.  Did I tell you that she loves dogs?

I love how these dogs look with my trophy!  HAHA, I am all about the decorating, too.  

Here's a closeup of the collar on the Bernise Mountain Dog.  It adds so much. 

There will be more dogs coming.  I will probably wait till there are four additional ones before I post another time about dogs.  

Enjoy and thanks for looking. 

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