Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Painting an old cabinet, painting a dog, painting frames

The week I fixed a bunch of frames and painted a cabinet 

and a dog! 

Everything is coming up RED, WHITE, AND BLUE

I call this post, "The everything post."  I have had a busy 10 days.  With a wholesale show coming up (High Point Furniture market), I have been crammed.  Plus dealing with everything that life has thrown my way, I am one busy chick.  I am going to start with the cabinet, because I did that first.
There are drawers with this, too, but for some reason I photographed it without the drawers!  What!!!
Also, don't look at my messy studio.  
I lightly sanded this and then went to town painting it  I wanted it to  look as close as possible to an antique old painted cabinet that I loved but couldn't afford.  LOL.

This was the cabinet that I loved (the one on the left).  This is like 1825 and original and way expensive, like $100,000 PLUS.  

The top picture is an old cabinet.  LOVE THE TINY PULLS, but my cabinet's pulls are a little clunky....OH well!

I love the old cracked patina of this and the blotchy white spots on the painted cabinets.  

After more work 
So in this shot (above), I have added more chipping and lighter blue spots.  This was imperative to pull that old look off.  Actually, this looks better than in the photo.  Each day, I have worked a little on it.  The white cabinet's interior is also very cracked and chippy looking.  LOVE IT.   

LOVE #grunge
So what else did I do this last 10 days?  Well, I worked on some paintings that I have had around that I have meant to list on KOLENESPICHER Etsy, but have not had time.  Here is what I did!

I should call this painting "How many times can you paint this frame."  I think this is three...

Truthfully, I think I will keep these two.  I am in love with sailors.  I love this HOPE IS AN ANCHOR painting, too.  I truly believe the hope that God places inside us is like an anchor that helps us weather the storm.  

In this picture, you can see that the ANCHOR painting was painted black. 
I painted this black because I felt the other frame was a distraction.  It was so ugly, it needed something.  It's like having a perfect smile with a missing tooth. (NOT that my painting was perfect...) but you get the point.

This painting was unframed.  I had this frame sitting around but it needed painted.  I have two different colors in the graining.  The inside graining has a definite red tint 

I happen to think the black makes the whole painting pop.  I had it all grained at the beginning, but it needed something...  

Everything looks better on #spichervintagevinyl 

Lastly, this last 10 days, I painted this guy.  This makes No. 14!  I think he is a sweet boxer.  His name is King Louie! They called him Lou.  He just went to Doggy heaven.  I had to paint him next because I love his owner :(  SO sad.  Louie lives on through this painting...

Enjoy your day. 

Kolene Spicher 


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