Saturday, January 7, 2017

Rufus Porter Style Wall Panel - Post 3 by Kolene Spicher

Getting Closer to Completion 
What  a journey this has been from the first day onward.  Each day, I have worked a little on this piece and am nearing the stage where I will start graining the edges (see post 2). 

Ships and birds and flowers and leaves--one stroke at a time.  I am really loving this.  I think that I will be adding a little more of this red shade.  I love love love it because it brings this piece into the 21st century. 

Also, I love the gate.  I intend to add more ships...maybe tomorrow or the next, I will have a whole fleet of them. 

I also added the bird.  I am going to paint in some more, however, I am just not quite ready for that step.  I needed to add a few more balls of leaves to this tree in the center.  
Let me know, if you ever see a tree like this, please. 

My studio has the heat turned very low...  When the heat is normal, the paint dries too fast for my liking.  Right now I am on a ladder taking this picture, praying that I don't fall off. 

I love the ripples of the water, front and center. 
The painting is not entirely symmetrical yet it is balanced.  

I have had a good bit of interest in this piece.  I am willing to ship it.  It is not heavy.  I would pay for the shipping...I think.  If you live in Alaska, maybe not.  

Many people love the period look and find it hard to find the correct home decor objects.  While we at Spicher and Co. do not do this look exclusively, there are many items that we do sell that fall into this "reproduction" category.

Check out the Vintage Vinyl that we offer, too.  You can see a piece of this on the floor of my studio.  We have that "look" that will create a period home.  

Thanks for looking at my ONE OF A KIND mural today. 



Jan and Doug said...

Of course we love it.

Mugwump Woolies said...

This is absolutely gorgeous, Kolene. You are so very talented!

Kolenespicher said...

THANK you so much, glad you took time to respond.

Kolenespicher said...

Thank you, Robyn :)