Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Rufus Porter Style Wall Panel, Post 4 - FINISHED

The final touches 
The "Period Look" lies in the detail 
Check out the Grained Edge! 
I love the idea of graining.  The graining on the edge of my painting has an old world look that is folky and fun. 

The entire painting's edge has been hand-grained and measures in at  36 X 80 inches.  This has transformed my living room. 

While this is some of my more primitive painting in style, it is by far not the easiest.  Working with a six foot panel can be cumbersome but every step of this was fun for me.  

This is probably my favorite section of the panel.  I love how the edges, sides, and the faux crack, front and center, turned out.  The plaster look of this was deliberate.  If you don't know who Rufus Porter was from the 19th century, I encourage you to google him because that is the look that was attempting  to achieve.  


As I said in an earlier post, I included the bright pink/red tone in the flowers (see above) to bring it into the 21st century.  This truly is a one of a kind painting.  It is also the largest that I have done in many years.  

The whimsical trees are free style and suggest a non-academic artist, again the look I was going for. 

The tones are soft yet jewel in color without being garish.  

I think this sets my linen couch off to a T.  The tiger maple graining is complimented by my tiger maple end tables. 

Faux Tiger Maple with a hint of folk. 
I call the black spot/line "FOLKY"
Thanks for looking today.  With all the competition for time these days, I consider it an honor that you would take the time to read my blog and follow the development of this painting 


I am willing to sell this painting even though it is part of my living room.  Message me with information on this.  The shipping will be covered my myself.  I am hoping to sell it locally, smile. 


Mugwump Woolies said...

Absolutely wonderful!

Kolenespicher said...

Thank you, Robyn! So fun to do and happy that it's all finished

jerilanders said...

It's really marvelous and does transform the room. I know what you mean about working in the large scale. I find it much more difficult in my work as well.