Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Custom House portrait in American Folk Art Style ~ Post 3

Moving right along! 

This project has been very tedious.  I am just now starting to add what I call my fun whimsey.  I like to take my time at the beginning to to get the details JUST as RIGHT as I possibly can.  Please remember, this is not a photograph, smile 

You can see that I had the roofline all wrong...now fixed! 
I also realized that I missed the dentals that were along the porch arch! Wow, I caught that one just in time! (See photo below).

Here's a shot with the foundation windows drawn in! 
There are a lot of steps to this project that I have not included, but each time I snapped a picture, I was thinking...I am almost done with the house drawing.  Then I would find something else that I missed.  Ha.
Here you can see the dentals added at the porch  
I seriously was thinking about making this a winter scene, but I just couldn't pass up not including that wonderful American Flag.  We are so blessed to live in the United States.  I really took some Artist Liberties with the background.  The little garage sort of reflects their garage, but that is where the likeness ends.

This home definitely sits in a neighborhood.  Once I have the big trees in place it will start to look more shaded and like the reference material, minus the mature trees.  I really want the house to be what stands out and not the landscaping.  I plan to paint in the happy couple, too, in the good old fashioned Americana Style! 

Check back for a few more posts on this one! 


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