Wednesday, October 5, 2016

A whaling painting

The Whalers 

Kolene Spicher Original Whaling scene 

This painting is listed on a LIVE Facebook page today!  Take a look at this link:

This morning I decided that I was going to alter an existing painting.  All week I have looked at it and it has just bugged me.  I decided that I didn't like my big red flag :(  Here is what it looked 
like as of 7 am this morning. 

...And here is what it looks like now!

It is still referencing 'The Whalers' but it is less restrictive just is.  I think the painting needs to be about whaling and actually HAVE whales in it.  That was what I didn't like.  So I painted a few in.  

Here it is shown next to my favorite ship scene that is located over my kitchen mantel.  You can sort of get a sense for the size, which is about 11x13.  

Here I show a few shots of the tips of the whales as they swim across and under the water.  As I have said I have said in previous posts, whalers needed good eyesight.  Have you ever gone on a whale watch and someone says, "There's one over there."  You think, over where.  You see nothing but water, exactly! 

Another shot in my famous seashell room.  I love this old black buffet which I inherited from my Great Aunt Nellie and painted black.  SHE would hate that I did this.  But doesn't it make my shells stand out and artwork pop? 

Finally, here's a good closeup.  Thanks for looking today.  


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