Friday, September 30, 2016

Custom House Portrait in American Folk Art Style, Post 2

Custom House Portrait 
Getting the Details! 
Post 2
This is a house with many details.  Just when I think I am getting close to finding them all, I FIND MORE

So much fun.  

Lots of erasing going on here 
I find that I do my best detailed work in the mornings.  Often times, I am tired by the afternoon.  So I put my best foot forward in the AM.  This house is in a lot of shade.  I didn't want to just paint the windows solid black with white dividers, so I added some color and variation to make them dance. 

Drawing the house wasn't as hard as getting it all spaced evenly.  I don't want this to look like a photograph but it can't be too lose either (at this stage of the game).  

Making progress...

The owner of this house happens to love all things NANTUCKET.  There are starfish in the windows and there will be ships in the transom window of the front door.  

Check back for later updates as I slowly make progress! Now that I have HIGH POINT Furniture Market  out of the way, I can concentrate on my other custom work! 


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